Visiting the pumpkins at Garsons PYO

We thought we would jump on the pumpkin band wagon.  Having seen all of the gorgeous photos other bloggers have been sharing on Instagram, we headed off to Garsons PYO near Esher, Surrey.  I love Autumn and the beautiful colours it brings and pumpkins are by far one of the most autumnal things in my eyes.  I haven’t ever picked my own, so I was quite excited as I do love visiting a PYO farm!

Oliver’s obviously still too young to know what’s going on, but he loved the pumpkins! We sat him on the ground and he spent ages climbing over them and bashing them all with his hands. I think he loved the colour because when we finally chose one he wouldn’t stop reaching out to grab it and kept hitting it! The only problem is trying to get a nice photo of an 8 month old who is constantly moving, lots ended up a bit blurry because he got really excited!

I can’t wait for the next few years when he will have a bit more of an understanding what is going on and I’ve decided we will make it a bit of a tradition.  This year I went with my mum and sister (as she was home for the weekend) but next year I might try and drag Stu along too (even if he isn’t a fan of Halloween!).  I was surprised that picking my own pumpkin was actually cheaper than buying one in the supermarket, I know it isn’t a giant pumpkin but it was perfectly round, which is what I always want in a pumpkin.  Next I need to decide what to carve onto it, any suggestions?

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The magic of In the Night Garden

So a few weeks ago Oliver was being grouchy as usual in the early evening, after trying to entertain him with poor results, I turned on the TV and thought I would put on CBeebies.  In the Night Garden came on and Oliver went silent. He turned and stared at the TV intently.  He generally doesn’t watch the TV if I have it on in the day, but he could not turn away. 


As the weeks have gone on, I have put ITNG on most evenings as a bit of a wind down treat or I put it on when I want a shower (when it isn’t nap time).  It guarantees me 15-20 minutes of peace and quiet, which is pretty unusual in our house.  As soon as the theme tune starts he stops and turns to the TV, he gets so excited and just sits still whilst staring at the TV.  Sometimes he just crawls over to the TV and pulls himself up on the TV stand and gets as close as he can, it’s so cute to watch!

I thought I was safe leaving him alone with ITNG!

It is the most bizarre thing though, that a theme tune can effect an 8 month old baby so much, they must have really done their research when they developed the show!  Stu and I have slowly learnt all the names of the characters, Stu has given them alternate backgrounds and I can now sing all the songs (and end up doing so when out, in the shower or when I do housework).  The joys of children’s TV eh?

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Reviewing the Ergobaby Ergo 360

Since Oliver was tiny he’s loved being carried. We had been given a Baby Bjorn carrier as a present from my work, it was great when he was little, but once he was about 4/5 months I noticed it was giving me back pain and I could only carry him for short periods of time because it pulled on my neck as it had no lower back support.

I spent many evenings researching carriers, I learnt all about ergonomic carriers and found there was a whole world of carriers I had never heard of before.  We wanted something that would last a while, as we knew Oliver wouldn’t want to stop being carried any time soon.   I loved the look of Connecta’s and when I tried one it was so comfy, their designs are all amazing and if I could I would buy them all, I may still get one at some point.  Stuart decided that he wanted something that Oliver could world face in.  There aren’t a huge amount of carriers that are ergonomic and world face so our search was significantly narrowed down.

I had heard of Ergobaby before and knew of their original carrier, but the 360 I hadn’t heard of.  When I saw it I knew that it would be perfect for us.  The only thing was I wasn’t so keen on the colour of the original carrier, black with beige.  I find black a bit boring, and wanted something a bit different, I then came across the grey, but it still wasn’t what I wanted.  I then came across the Natural Baby Shower website, they had the Ergo 360 in lots of different colours that I couldn’t find anywhere else!  I’m a sucker for a bit of blue, our prams navy, and I tend to wear a lot of navy.  They had a nice dusty blue one which had little pinky coloured spots on the bib but Stu said Oliver wouldn’t appreciate the colour of the spots(!), so we decided on the plain midnight blue one instead.

It was really quick delivery and I was so excited when it arrived.  It comes with a great how-to guide, showing you all of the different carries.  There’s the forward in-facing, forward out-facing, hip carry and back carry.  It can be used from 12-33lbs (or 7-12lbs with the additional insert which is sold separately) so it is a really long wearing carrier, and I am sure we will get a lot of use out of it.  I was amazed at how easy it is to put on, it just has a big Velcro strap you put around your waist with a buckle for additional security, then it just has two shoulder straps which you put on like a rucksack with a buckle between the two for a bit of security and it holds the straps in place on your shoulders too.  There are leg adjustments depending on whether your baby is in or out facing, and these are very simple to change, with just a button to adjust the leg width.

So far we have carried Oliver mainly in the front inward carry, occasionally in the front outward carry and I have once tried a back carry, but I think this is one I will wait until Oliver’s a bit bigger because at the moment he’s in a hair pulling phase so I spent 10 minutes with my hair being pulled constantly!!!  He looks so comfy, his legs are around me like a little koala bear.  He enjoys the freedom in the carrier, even though it’s structured, his head is free, so he can look at the world around him.


It has a great hood built in, you can use it as a sunshade, a cover when they’re snoozing to support their head, or if you wanted to breastfeed in the carrier you can use it as a cover.  It is SO comfortable for me, I have carried him for a few hours whilst out shopping and I was surprised that he didn’t pull on my shoulders or get any aches or pains. The carrier makes sure your baby is sat in a good position, with their knees constantly kept in line or above their hips, and their spine in a curved C position. They’re also approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

At £129.90 it is on the pricey side, but if you know you will use it plenty, it’s well worth the money.  For the sake of you and your baby being comfortable, I would invest in it again Ina heartbeat.  The Natural Baby Shower also have a 10% off code if you’re a first time customer and sign up on their website.

NB I paid for this with my own money and have reviewed it in hope it will help others in their choice.


An Autumnal walk around RHS Wisley

I love RHS Wisley Gardens, I am forever discovering new places within the grounds, and with the change of seasons there is the change of flowers and plants you see.  This Saturday my mum and I decided to go there for a little walk, seeing as autumn is in full swing, we wanted to go and see the beautiful colours that come alongside the change of season.  We weren’t disappointed!

We headed up through the Rock Gardens and up towards the Orchard.  We have never really explored this area in Wisley before, but knowing it’s apple season we thought it quite apt.

What I didn’t realise was how big the orchard was! It went on for a while, we wandered up and down between the trees looking at the various different varieties and then looking in amazement at the size of some of the cooking apples!  Of course, we had to sample one or two (we found some nice looking windfallen ones) which Oliver really enjoyed, he got really grumpy when we took the apple away!

We then went onto walk through the pear trees, they were absolutely dripping with pears, they looked so yummy!  When we left the orchard we went to the fruit and veg patches, I was a bit disappointed to see there were no pumpkin plants left in the beds (we later found all the pumpkins in the restaurant).

We then headed back down the hill and popped into the restaurant for a cup of tea and slice of spiced pumpkin cake (it was delicious!). As we left the restaurant it started spitting, so we headed over to the entrance before it started chucking it down.  Walking through the shop, browsing the Christmas selection and then heading home.

We had a really lovely afternoon there and I think we are heading back next weekend for their ‘Taste of Autumn’ show.

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My baby boy: you’re 8 months old

The months are passing us by so quickly.  I can barely believe that you are 8 months old already, you’re such a little character now, so cheeky and with such a great sense of humour.  Your movement has upped in a big way, you crawl SO quickly, I love it when I can hear you coming towards the kitchen on the wood flooring, I can hear your little hands quickly slapping on the floor.  You’ve now mastered crawling up the bottom step as well, you love standing there hands gripped onto the stair gate, shaking it back and forth.  It would be great if you could learn how to climb back down though, because you wither just throw yourself backwards or wait for me to lift you back to the ground!  You’ve also climbed up the full set of stairs a couple of times (with me or daddy behind you) which is amazing!

The day before you turned 8 months we moved you into your own room, we felt you needed to move as when we go up to bed we tended to wake you up.  You didn’t seem phased at all, only waking once in the night and then coming into our bed at 6.30am for cuddles before daddy left for work.

You’re coming on brilliantly with your weaning, you’ve started eating much more, despite having no teeth!  You watch us chewing and copy, sometimes the food goes down, sometimes it dribbles back out!  You LOVE cherry tomatoes, I pop them open and you sit there and suck the juice out and then eat the flesh.  You would keep eating them for hours if you could I am sure.  You also seem to really like carrots, they definitely get eaten!

You’ve started saying DaDa now, you crawl around saying ‘dadadadada’, it’s so cute and daddy is so chuffed that you said his name first.  The thing I find cutest is you seem to have learnt to whisper, you sit there whispering ‘dadadada’ and then look at me with the cutest smile.  If I repeat your whispers back at you, you start saying it again and then get louder!

You seem to really enjoy our baby yoga classes, so much so I have booked another term of them for you, as well as baby sensory.  We have made friends with a few of the other mummy’s which is really nice, and every week we go for a drink at the cafe just around the corner from the baby yoga place after class.

This month you are:

  • Cruising around furniture
  • Able to walk across the room with your walker
  • Can crawl up the stairs
  • Say DaDa
  • Breastfed
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Go to sleep around 8pm
  • Sleeping in your own room
  • Waking once or twice a night

Your favourite things:

  • Giving kisses
  • Your walker
  • Playing peekaboo
  • Pulling youself up on all of the furniture
  • Playing with all your toys
  • Tomatoes
  • In the Night Garden
  • Laughing

I can’t believe you’re already 8 months old, time is going too quickly and I feel like we have very little time left together before I go back to work.  I know I don’t go back until you turn 1 but the time we have had together has gone so fast already, I’m sure the next 4 months will go in the blink of an eye.

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