Oliver at 17 months

Another month has passed, and you’re so close to being 18 months.  18 months, 1 and a half, it seems so old!  This month you’ve become even more toddler like, my little baby is fading away.  You’re so fiercely independent, you want to do everything yourself, we aren’t allowed to help!

This month you’ve certainly found your stride.  You’re so confident walking and running about.  You have quite a bit of speed when you run, we are always chasing after you!  You’ve also started walking on your tiptoes, and crouching whilst you walk too.  You love to push your dolls pram around and crash it in to everything, if you walk into mummy and daddy with it you find it hilarious and really giggle.  You can walk really far for someone so little, you happily stroll up to Granny’s house which is at least 500 feet away!

Your appetite hasn’t been as great the past month or so.  Some days you eat like normal, and the next day you refuse all of your favourites.  I know you you’re starting to learn whether you can push boundaries, but it’s annoying when you won’t eat the lunch I make for you!  This month your love of milk has gone to the next level this month, you have been having 3 or 4 cups a day.  If you won’t eat, I know you’ll have some milk!

Now you follow some commands (when you want to) for example, you happily sit down if you want what I have (i.e ice cream or chocolate buttons!!).  But you will rarely let us walk along holding your hand (unless you’re in a cute mood).  You can answer yes or no to simple questions with a shake or nod of your head, you also say ‘yeah’ but don’t say no!

I think this month you’ve become a lot more loving.  Not that you weren’t before.  But you enjoy a good snuggle and a cuddle even more now than ever before! You will randomly come up to me and plant a big kiss on my lips without me even asking, especially first thing in the morning.

Your sleep hasn’t been great the past month, you haven’t been going down very easily.   Most nights it has ended up being 9-10pm before you will go to sleep.  It has made both daddy and I very tired!  The past few days seem to have been better, so hopefully you will get back to normal soon.  I would love an evening back!

This month has been full of trips out to the lavender fields, strawberry picking and a trip to Polesden Lacey.  We have loved seeing the flowers and having plenty of space to run around.  An open space is always your favourite!  We also had a trip to see In the Night Garden Live.  I think we all loved it as much as you, the excitement on your face when the characters came on stage was so adorable.  It was such a magical experience for us all.

I can’t believe that the next time I write an update you will be 1.5 years old.  Lets just slow down time for us…


Visiting Mayfield Lavender


I’m sure if you have been following me on any social media outlet that you will know that I have made a couple of visits to my local lavender field in the past few weeks!  It is such a lovely day out, and so cheap too.  Mayfield Lavender charge just £1 per adult and children under 16 go in for free.  Set over 25 acres, you can enjoy taking a leisurely stroll through the fields (or if you have a toddler a leisurely run after them!).

Oliver loved running through the rows of lavender, although he was a bit apprehensive on the thicker rows.  There were bees a buzzing, which didn’t bother us at all.  If anything Oliver was excited to see them!  He stood pointing at them saying ‘beh’ (which is him trying to say bee).  We had such a lovely time, and enjoyed trying some of their lovely food too.

And if you’re tired out after running around the fields you can re-fuel at the cafe.  They have an array of lavender themed food and drink, lavender cake, lavender lemonade, I even had a lavender cheese and ham toastie!  They also have a shop with a great selection of products made using their lavender.




If you live in the area I urge you to go and visit, it really is a wonder to see!

Pink Pear Bear

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3 Little Buttons

OrganicXY bath tea review & win a weeks supply!

Oliver has suffered with eczema since he was a tiny baby.  It was something I knew he would end up having, as I am also a sufferer.  We went back and forth to the doctors a few times trying different creams, and eventually got it under control.  I have always been quite careful what products I use on his skin and in his bath, as I had noticed there were certain products which flared up his eczema.

I was contacted by OrganicXY to see if I would like to review their bath teas.  They are a small, new company, set up by a mum who found d bathing her son in colloidal oats helped heal his eczema.  She makes the teas here, in the UK, from organic Scottish oats and Yorkshire lavender.  They come in a compostable, cotton wash bag, which doubles up as an exfoliator.  Meaning you don’t need to use any other products!

The product arrived very quickly and I was sent a weeks supply to try out.  I love lavender and I have a big patch of it just outside the front of my house, which smells heavenly.  So whilst I ran Oliver’s bath, I went and snipped off a few fresh heads of lavender.  I popped the bath tea bag in, slooshed it around and put the fresh lavender in the bath too.  The bath smelt so nice (and it was definitely an instagrammable bath)!  The smell of lavender is one of my absolute favourites, I can imagine it is so relaxing to bathe in and would definitely help me sleep!

Oliver loved the bath, the water felt so moisturising.  After getting him out, I could instantly feel his skin was softer and smoother.  After a few nights of trying it out, the patches of eczema that just wouldn’t go with the creams he was prescribed, had started to disappear.

It’s amazing that something so natural and simple can have such a quick effect on skin!  I know that the bath tea will be my go to whenever Oliver or I have an eczema flare up.  I think if mine ever flares up I will be using it too!


OrganicXY have kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win their very own weeks supply of bath tea!  The competition is open from 09/07/17 12pm to 23/07/17 11:59pm. UK entrants only. The bath tea will be provided directly from OrganicXY. I will contact the winner on 24/07/17.

OrganicXY 1 weeks supply of bath tea giveaway

I was kindly sent a weeks supply of bath tea to try out and review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Dealing with a Toddler Who Won’t Nap

Much to my disappointment, Oliver has always been a child who isn’t a big fan of napping.  We had no problems when he was small.  Like every baby he slept whenever and wherever.  However, once Oliver got a bit older and he was more aware of the world around him, his napping became a struggle.  He always struggled to switch off and fall asleep.  Even when he was absolutely exhausted.  Often I would find myself pretending to be asleep beside him to help him realise it was time for a nap.  His naps were short, often under an hour long, and I felt by the time I had actually started doing something he was awake again.

Then at the start of the year, a switch flipped and he suddenly went for these 2+ hour naps that I had only heard from other parents about.  The naps I had been dreaming of.  I finally had time to do things around the house.  I could write my blog or I could catch up on my favourite tv shows on Netflix.

But then I went back to work at the end of my maternity leave and the switch flipped again.  I don’t know whether it’s because he has a different routine every day, but he just won’t nap for me.  When I’m not working out day normally has the same sort of structure.  When I’m working he splits his days between my mum and our childminder.  When he’s at my mums, she often sends photos of him down for a nap at about 10am, with the childminder he goes down after lunch.

For me? Nope, the only time he will go to sleep is if we go for a walk and he falls asleep in the pushchair, or if we go out in the car.  The funny thing is, these were never tactics I used when he was younger to get him to sleep.  We never purposefully went for a drive or a walk just to get him to sleep.  On the days we are at home all day, he will be running around all day and even though he is absolutely knackered, he refuses to sleep.  If I put him in his cot he screams blue murder.  If I lie him on our bed he just climbs all over the place or points and shouts at the TV.  I have tried sitting on the sofa and having chill out time.  Hoping that will help him fall asleep (which is what he will do with my husband) but with me, nope.

I’ve tried putting him down at different times of the day, following his sleep cues, playing gentle music, curtains closed, curtains open, in the sleeping bag, under a blanket, the list is endless. But nothing seems to work.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong (or right, maybe I’m just too fun!) but I feel like I’ve had enough.  I’m tired too, I need that hour or two to relax, to get things done around the house, and I just can’t.

Have you had any experience in this?  Anything that worked for you? I would love to hear from you!

I wrote this last month for Meet Other Mums where I am a regular blogger.  Funnily enough, after writing this Oliver decided he will nap at home, those nice, long naps are back!


Bridie By The Sea
The Pramshed

My Summer Wishlist

Since I became a mum I have been constantly on the look out for clothes that are in fashion but are also practical to be running around after a little one.  Now the sun is (mostly) shining, I have been trying to find some new clothes.  The clothes I had pre-pregnancy either don’t fit or are something I wouldn’t wear anymore.  And some of the clothes I bought last year are a little big since my breastfeeding boobs have disappeared!

I love shopping and buying new clothes, it’s one thing that really makes me happy (until I look at my bank balance!) so I thought I would share with you some of the bits I would love this summer!


First of all – sunglasses.  The key piece of every summer outfit.  I love these Ray Ban Erika glasses.  I actually owned these until last summer when baby brain went out in full force and I left them in a restaurant on holiday.  I ended up replacing them with a similar more square version, which I also love.

Next up is the bardot top from Joules.  I love Joules, their designs are practical and fashionable and the bardot neckline is all over the high street at the moment.  I love the embroidery on the sleeves as well.  This top is just so me!  A pair of good chino shorts are a must have, and these shorts from Boden look so nice and comfortable.  They would work perfectly with the Joules top too!

Next up, I found this gorgeous dress from boohoo I keep seeing pom poms everywhere, and I love the simplicity of this dress.  Yet with the pom pom detail it just makes it more fun!  Team it with these Boden sandals and you would look great on the beach!

I love visiting the beach, but I always struggle finding a bag big enough, I love this Radley bag which looks like it has plenty of room to hide all of your valuable bits whilst still being able to stuff a towel and swimsuit in.  I love this bikini from Accessorize, it’s sold separately as a top and bottom, but I absolutely adore the pattern and the detail on the back of the top is gorgeous!