A Winters Walk and Lunch

A Winters Walk and Lunch

Since Stuart has been away training Sunday to Friday for the past 3 weeks, our weekends have become very precious.  We have said we want to make sure we make plans and do something together.  Rather than what we usually end up doing, sitting at home doing nothing much!  Our first weekend we went to the driving range with Stu’s dad, uncle and brother.  Then we had a big family lunch with Stuart’s family on the Sunday.  The second weekend we went out for lunch and celebrated my birthday.  We decided this weekend to grab a spot of lunch in a nearby village and then go for a walk along the nearby Down’s Link.

The Milk Churn is a lovely farm cafe, they run a local farm and make a delicious cheese called Sussex Charmer.  It’s a cross between a cheddar and a parmesan and it is the main feature on the menu.  Stuart opted for the Charmer on Toast with red onions, which is the best cheese on toast.  I had the Charmer macaroni and shared it with Oliver.  It was really delicious, and very reasonably priced.

One of my goals for this year was to start a Youtube channel.  So I did a bit of filming of our little trip out.  Please like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it.

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