My Baby Boy: Happy 1st Birthday

My Baby Boy: Happy 1st Birthday

So today is the big first birthday, the big 1.  How has it been a year already?  I just brought my tiny baby home from the hospital and now you’re a moving, chatting little boy.  I feel like you’ve suddenly become a proper little person overnight.  It feels like moments ago that we first met, I remember us meeting like it was yesterday. Now you’re almost a toddler!

You arrived sooner than expected, I was in it for the long haul, fully expecting to go two weeks overdue.  You had other plans, the little wriggler you were wanted out, and so you arrived 3 days early.  I still remember the labour, not the pain, but the moment they told me you weren’t coming out on your own.  I had told them there was no way I could push you out and I was so right!  You had little forceps marks for a good few weeks.  We called you our little spoon face.

Those first few weeks were a dream, despite the lack of sleep we were finally a family, something we had wanted for a long time.  You were so alert, you always had your eyes open and loved looking at everything around you.  Breastfeeding was hard at first, how couldn’t it be?  But we persevered and I am so proud to have fed you to a year.  I am/was planning on stopping but I think you have other ideas.  You are not taking kindly to me trying to stop, screaming until you get mummy’s milk!

It’s mad to think you were once this little baby who lay still, who didn’t move around, chat, or laugh.  Once upon a time I could go to the loo without you insisting on watching or trying to put your toys down the loo too!  Those were the days…!  Nowadays you’re everywhere (you shouldn’t be) and getting into constant mischief.

I couldn’t want a cheekier little boy in my life.  We’ve had some great times in the past year, days out, trips away and just days at home.  This year you’ve made some little friends, and it’s so sweet watching you all play together.  It’s funny when you all get together, all wanting to play with the same toys, or snatching each others dummies out of each others mouths!  You keep me on my toes, you don’t stop and sit still, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep it’s go go go!

Your sleep is still poor.  You wake up once (or twice if you’re feeling mean) a night, every night.  Quite frankly I’m amazed I’m still functional!  Who knows when you will finally get the whole sleeping through the night thing.  I had hoped you would have got it by your first birthday, so I can only hope it’s soon!  Daddy’s tried comforting you in the night, but you won’t settle back to sleep until I feed you.  I’m sure you don’t really need that feed in the night, you eat so much in the day time!

Your loves as you turn one

  1. Daddy – gosh you do adore him, he’s been away with work the past month and you missed him so much.When he got home on a Friday night you were SO excited to see him.
  2. Mummy – well of course you love me too! The past few days you’ve become really mummy-ish, reaching out for me when you’re in other peoples arms and generally not wanting to be more than a few metres away!
  3. Granny and Auntie Alice – They are two people guaranteed to light up your eyes, you get so excited when you see them!
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine – a typical boy, you love the theme song and love the toy Percy train Granny bought you.
  5. Food – suddenly you are eating anything and everything.  If you could snack all day I’m sure you would.
  6. Opening and closing doors – but now granny and mummy have been super sneaky and put these silly locks on all of the cupboards so you can’t get in.  Party poopers!
  7. Soft play – oh yes, we are very much in that realm.  It’s fun at the moment, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off (for me) at some point!
  8. Cars – anything with wheels and you’re happy.  You have all of your daddy’s toy cars from when he was little and your favourite thing to do is open the box get them all out and push them over the PlayStation and down the back of the TV stand!
  9. Climbing and walking – You still have yet to take your first steps (I was sure you would have by the time your birthday came along) but you love walking with your walker, you’ve mastered cornering with it now as well.   You will climb on pretty much anything you can, including on tables!

Happy 1st Birthday my little boy, I can’t wait to watch you throughout your lifetime, to see what you become.  You filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know was there.  I love you more and more every day, and I didn’t know I could ever love a little person so much.



















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  1. February 13, 2017 / 9:13 am

    Little dote!! Happy birthday to you all😊it is a birthday for Parenting too

  2. February 13, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    Oh my goodness, I’m welling up here!! What a beautiful tribute of love for your gorgeous boy on his first birthday! He looks so cheeky, I can quite believe you that he is full of mischief! Bless him and his little forcep marked face… how traumatic! The first year really does go so fast-I think (in my experience,) it seems to settle down after that, and not feel like time is slipping through your fingers! I hope he has the best birthday ever, and what a lucky boy, to be surrounded by so much love x

    • February 13, 2017 / 11:13 pm

      I hope the next few years don’t go quickly, I suppose the first year has the biggest changes and that’s why it feels like it goes so fast! Fingers crossed! Thank you! He had a lovely birthday (or three days of birthday celebrations, lucky boy!) xx

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