My Must Watch Christmas Movies

My Must Watch Christmas Movies

As soon as December starts the Christmas movies are straight on my TV.  I love a Christmas movie, they make me feel all joyful inside and so ready for Christmas.  Over the years I have watched a fair few Christmas films and I have come up with my top 5.  I love nothing more than sitting down with a hot chocolate, popcorn, some sweets or chocolate…or both..(don’t judge me!) and putting a film on.

1. The Holiday

This has become a classic in my home, I remember at the age of 15 going to see this in the cinema with my friends and I have watched it every year since!  I live very close by to where the filmed the movie and remember the hype when one day my dad came home from work, driving through the local village and reporting to us it had been transformed into a winter wonderland, there was snow everywhere!  I love a good rom com so this one always makes me so happy.

2. Home Alone

I have only properly watched these since meeting my husband, he LOVES Home Alone, it’s one of his favourite films.  So if I want to watch a Christmas movie, and he’s at home, I know this one will tempt him in!  We enjoy the second one too, but it’s not as good as the first! Who doesn’t love a film about a child who’s left at home alone over Christmas?

3. Love Actually

I remember my mum watching this one at Christmas. One of the true rom-com holiday classics, seeing different relationships and how love affects us all, especially over the holiday period.  This film has me laughing, crying and feeling full of love.  What more do you need at Christmas?!

4. The Grinch

We love Jim Carrey, so a Christmas film with his quick wit in is a no brainer.  I loved a bit of silliness, and I enjoy the rhymes from the original Dr. Seuss story. It brings back some memories of childhood which is probably why I enjoy it!

5. Elf

Buddy the Elf leaving Santa in the North Pole and finding his real father, this film makes me laugh out loud.  It’s on the side of being a bit ridiculous but it’s my true favourite.  I love the scene in the toy shop when he scream out ‘SANTA, I KNOW HIM!!!’ I know Will Ferrell isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he is the right person to play a bit of a crazy man-elf! I’ve spotted a Elf costume in George at Asda and I am SO tempted to get it for Oliver!

So there you have it, my top 5 ( my husband has bit sat over my shoulder telling me Die Hard should be on this list…typical man! I’ve had to tell him it even though it may be set at Christmas, it isn’t exactly festive!) what are your top Christmas films? 

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