My Baby Boy: You’re 11 months old

My Baby Boy: You’re 11 months old

Well here we are, the last month before you turn one.  Where on earth has the past year gone?!  I feel like I only just brought my teeny tiny baby home and now you’re almost a toddler.

Weaning and Milk

You’re still breastfed, generally you have three feeds during the day and one or two overnight.  This past month you’ve dramatically dropped the amount of feeds you have each day.  I’m hoping this month you start weaning yourself off of my milk, as I am planning on stopping breastfeeding when you turn one, so if you could please drop some of your feeds this month it will make it a lot easier!

Food wise your appetite is bigger and better than ever.  You will eat pretty much anything now (apart from banana, you’ll eat it in things but not alone) and since you got your first two teeth you are able to chew things so much better.  You love porridge, you have it every morning and it’s the one thing you will eat a whole bowl of.

Movement and Speech

Cruising is your main mode of transport, you love stepping along the edge of the sofa and walking with your walker.  You still haven’t got the confidence to take those first steps but you aren’t far off, everyday you’re getting more and more confident on your feet.  When I leave the stairgate open you’re straight up the stairs, it’s probably one of your favourite things to do.  This month I’ve tried to teach you how to climb down the stairs and you will do it if I help, but most of the time you just end up climbing back up the stairs!

Your speech hasn’t really changed, you’re still babbling away, saying baba and dada.  We are yet to hear mama!  Your babbles do have much more purpose to them, it sounds like you are trying to tell us things.  I also think you are beginning to understand more, you will clap, dance or wave when I say the words.  If I ask you whether you want me to pick you up, you’ll stick your arms in the air and wait for me to do it.

Your Vitals

We had your 12 month check with the health visitors this month and you’re weighing 21lb 7oz, so you are following the 50th centile, as you have done perfectly since birth.  You measure 72.5cm and are on the 25th centile, you were on the 50th at birth so I feel you may be due a growth spurt!  If you do end up on the shorter side you can blame your father, he has the short family!


What have you been up to?

This month you had your first Christmas, we spent it with Granny and Auntie Alice.  You had a great day and loved all of your new toys that you were given.  You’ve enjoyed seeing your Great Uncle and daddy’s cousin whilst they have been over from Australia.  We will miss seeing them when they go home next week.  Daddy started his new job this month and has been away on training, we have really missed him, when he got home you were so excited to see him!  There was another big first this month; your first snowfall!  You weren’t so sure when you first saw it but once you got crawling you seemed to love it!

We are looking forward to the month ahead, it’s all change, you’re turning one and I’m preparing to go back to work and leave you.  At least we can celebrate your big change with a party!

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  1. January 22, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    I love posts like this, so nice to be able to look back with your son when he’s older (and even just for yourself too!). Your little man is so cute and looks like a proper little cheeky chap #bigpinklink x

    • January 23, 2017 / 12:21 pm

      How did you guess he was cheeky?! Thanks for reading x

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