Henry at 5 months old

Henry at 5 months old

How 5 months have passed is beyond me. (Well I’m late posting this so it’s a lot more than that!)  We’re almost at half a year of you being earth side and I can’t quite believe it!  You’ve become so much more of a person now, you smile at everyone, rarely cry and are just such a cute little squidge!


You’re still exclusively breastfed and although you rarely are given bottles of expressed milk, when you are you wolf them down like a pro!  We always say we should give you bottles of expressed milk more often but its such a faff and we forget!  But to be honest, I don’t think you’ll have any problems.  You don’t care where the milks coming from, as long as you’re getting milk!


Still sleeping in our room, using the Sleepyhead in your bedside crib and still waking in the night.  I’m really not bothered by my broken sleep anymore.  I know that one day you will sleep through the night and because when you wake, you feed then go straight back to sleep, it’s all of a 5 minutes once or twice a night!


You never stop moving!!  Rolling is your favourite and you’re forever rolling onto your tummy.  You can wiggle around on your tummy and can turn yourself round in a circle, and on a solid floor move yourself across the room!  You also have mastered sitting up independently.  You’re so proud of yourself and love sitting there with a selection of toys (strictly only ones your big brother has picked out as suitable) and playing with them.


At 19 weeks you were 20lbs 9oz.  Still following the 98th centile for your weight, you’re a real chunk.  It’s just rolls on rolls!  You’re in 6-9 month clothing and some of that’s a bit tight!  I love it though, although cleaning under all those chins is a big task!  You’re in size 4/4+ nappies, which is crazy as your older brother was still in 4’s at the age of 2!

What a delight the past 5 months have been by little squidge!

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