Disney on Ice: A Passport to Adventure

Disney on Ice: A Passport to Adventure

Just before Christmas we were kindly invited to go and see Disney on Ice: A Passport to Adventure at the O2 in London.  As you can imagine, I was so excited!  As my husband was working I invited my sister along as a treat.  We are both big fans of Disney and couldn’t wait to take Oliver along for his first Disney experience.  If you’re looking to take your child along to one of the Disney on Ice shows, I would highly recommend, there were children of all ages and they all seemed to enjoy it!

The show is narrated by Mickey and the gang, who are off travelling the world.  They beautifully recreated the stories of The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and of course, Frozen.  What would a Disney show on ice be without Frozen, eh?!  I sat there mesmerised with the movements on the ice, everything was so fluid and beautiful.  Peter Pan and Wendy flying around above the ice added something even more magical to the show.

I was a bit apprehensive taking Oliver along, at 22 months old, his attention span is pretty short.  But he was absolutely captivated.  He did want to get down and run between my sister and I after about 10 minutes, but after a few minutes he was ready to watch again.  He even started clapping along at one point, which was adorable.  My sister and I sat there amazed at all the skaters moved, and both wishing we were figure skaters!!

The show was about 2 hours long and there was a 15 minutes interval.  The only problem we faced was that the O2 don’t let you bring ANY food or drink in.  So the snacks and drinks we brought with us to keep Oliver quiet had to be binned on arrival which was a huge pain.  There are plenty of food and drink stands within the venue, but they have the premium price tag and they aren’t really aimed at the under 5’s.  During the interval there are vendors coming around selling popcorn and ice slushies in themed cups/bags.  However they are very pricey so if you are thinking about buying anything like this then make sure you bring plenty of cash along.  There are plenty of souvenirs you can buy there, but again they have a premium price tag.  Thankfully Oliver isn’t old enough yet to start demanding them!

If you are thinking of going along to a Disney on Ice show, I highly recommend it.  The show is brilliant and great value for money.  It would make the perfect present for any Disney lover.  Passport to Adventure has sadly stopped touring now, however they have a brand new show ‘World of Enchantment’ which is starting touring this Spring in the UK.  You can buy tickets here.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to see Disney on Ice in return for a review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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