Five Funny Things my Child Does

Five Funny Things my Child Does

When Lianne at Mrs Mummy Harris tagged me in the Five Funny Things tag, I struggled to narrow it down to just five.  Oliver is a little comedian, and pretty much everything he does results in us giggling! I thought I would share with you some of the weird and wonderful things that he does to make us laugh..

Sniffing Things

I taught Oliver how to sniff flowers, but now it’s gone to a bit of an extreme.  He smells everything!  He will toddle on up to things that don’t smell (or don’t smell nice) lean in, inhale and let out an ‘mmmm’ sound!  He looks so pleased with himself, but when he’s just standing there sniffing a post, I can’t help but giggle!  The list of randomly sniffed items is ever growing, just today in IKEA he leant over and sniffed the floor!!

Huffing and Puffing

Oliver loves walking up and down stairs and steps.  With a hand to hold, he will easily walk up the stairs, but not without a lot of noises!  He insists on grunting, groaning, huffing and puffing!  It’s all for effect, and it sounds really funny!


This isn’t meant to be funny, but sometimes I can’t help but laugh.  I leave the room and he’s happily playing on the floor, I come back to find him dancing on the table! He will climb on pretty much anything he can, and he is always so proud of himself when he does it too.

Playing Boo

Oliver loves playing boo, he will hide in a really obvious place and peep out saying ‘boo!” although it sounds more like ‘baa’!!  He also climbing on our backs when we lie down on the floor and playing horsey.  He sits there as we bounce him up and down, and then when we stop he peers around the side of our face, giggles whilst saying boo!

Wearing other peoples shoes

Oliver quietly disappears off into the hallway and I start hearing these scuffs along the floor.  I walk into the hallway and he’s either slid my sandals on or daddy’s work boots!  It’s so cute and really makes me chuckle.  He loves wearing giant shoes!

What things do your children do that makes you laugh?

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  1. August 18, 2017 / 8:32 am

    Love these, the bit about sniffing the floor in ikea made me laugh. Thanks for the tag x

  2. August 18, 2017 / 8:46 am

    This is a great list, it made me chuckle 🙂 thanks for the tag too x

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