My baby boy: you’re 10 months old

My baby boy: you’re 10 months old

We’re into double figures now *cue tears* and I can’t quite believe it. What happened to my teeny tiny little boy? Now you’re a fully fledged person, you can move, ‘chat’ and have a proper little personality!  This time last year I had a big old bump and it’s weird to think we didn’t know you then.

You’re becoming a real little boy now, you babble away talking to us and if we babble back you love it, so I end up walking around with you saying ‘babababa’ and people probably think I’m a bit crazy!  You are so quick at getting about now, you love crawling and we are now waiting for you to start standing independently.  You’ve been surfing the furniture for about 3 months now, and you’re so confident, occasionally you let go and stand for a few moments but then you realise you aren’t holding on and sit down or grab back on.  You love climbing on boxes, anywhere where you can’t get a better vantage point and see what’s going on!

 Your appetite and interest in food has come on so much this month, since you were ill at the start of the month when you didn’t eat anything for 2 weeks, you now won’t stop eating! You will happily sit eating for a long time now, and you are actually eating the food.  You’re still breastfed, your feeds are still quite often, every 2-4 hours, I keep thinking you’re cutting down, but then you don’t!

You still haven’t said mama, you sit there watching me say it and you concentrate so hard, but still it comes out as baba, I think you’re almost there now though!  No teeth have appeared yet, I can see your top two are right there ready to come through, but they haven’t yet! This month has seen you make your first flight, which you were a superstar for. Sadly whilst you were there you got your first fever, and weren’t very well for over two weeks after that.  Lots of sickness that ended up with us being sent up to the hospital as the GP was worried you were dehydrated, luckily when we got there you perked right up and were much better!

You still love In the Night Garden, it’s the one thing we can guarantee will stop you crying, especially on the long journey to your Grandma in Wales when you’re fed up of being in the car!  You’ve definitely become more attached to your bunny teddy, you hold its hand and drag it around, and suck on its ears too, which means it’s usually a bit damp.

Even though you were poorly we had a good month, visiting friends in Ireland, seeing Auntie Becky at Wisley, visiting your grandparents in Wales and seeing your Auntie Katie too. Daddy had a week off, so you got to spend lots of time with him, which you love.

This month is going to be a good one, Christmas is coming and we are so excited to spend our first Christmas with you.  Your Great-Uncle and cousin are over from Australia, so you will finally get to meet them too.

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