Having a Gender Scan at Window to the Womb Surrey

Having a Gender Scan at Window to the Womb Surrey

When I fell pregnant and we worked out the due date, we realised our 20 week scan would fall very close to Christmas.  I was 20 weeks on Christmas Eve, so we were really hoping the hospital would book us in for the week before Christmas, as seeing our little baby would be the perfect present!  Annoyingly, they didn’t book us in for our NHS scan until the 29th December.  So we knew straight away that we wanted a private scan to find out the gender before Christmas.

I had a look online, and there aren’t many places around where we live that offer private scans.  Most are really overpriced, and their booking processes seemed a bit complicated.  I then came across Window to the Womb.  They are based in Chessington, which is about 40 minutes away from our house, their website was very easy to navigate.  Their prices were very reasonable and their booking process was very user friendly.  They offer a range of different packages and scans.  We chose to book the Well Being & Gender Scan.  At £59 we thought it was very reasonable in price, compared with other companies in the area offering the same service.

When we arrived at the clinic we checked in and were asked to sit down and wait for them to call us through.  We were a little early, so we were expecting to wait for a bit.  So we were surprised to find we were called through very quickly to have our scan.  The room was very spacious with a chair beside the bed and a good sized sofa for any additional people your bring along.

The sonographer was very friendly when we went in.  She had an assistant who noted everything down from the scan for her, who was equally lovely.  We were asked at the start whether we were finding out the gender.  When we explained we would like to, but we wanted it written down so we could find out later, they were absolutely fine with this.  They made sure they put the result in a separate envelope.

We were shown the baby in both 2D and 4D and were able to hear its heartbeat.  It was really great as they had a really big screen so we could both easily see the baby on it.  When they went to check the gender, they asked us to both turn away so we didn’t see anything.

After the scan we were asked to wait whilst they loaded the pictures on to the computer.  Once they were ready and they had removed the ones which showed the gender, we were asked to have a look through and to pick 6 to have printed.  They printed them straight away and I was told if I downloaded their ‘bumpies’ app and put the code in that they gave me I would be able to access all of the pictures and save them to my phone.  They handed us two envelopes one with ‘Gender’ written on it for when we wanted to find out the gender and the other with the pictures inside that we had chosen.

We both really enjoyed our experience at Window to the Womb.  I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a private scan.  They were all very professional and we felt like the service was very personal.  We would definitely go back again!

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  1. January 13, 2018 / 11:45 am

    My sister is three months along. I would definitely recommend this.

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