A fun day out at Marwell Zoo to see the LEGO® BRICKOSAURS

A fun day out at Marwell Zoo to see the LEGO® BRICKOSAURS

Last month we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Marwell Zoo to see the LEGO® BRICKOSAURS, which are found all across the zoo this summer, (until the 1st September 2019).

We picked the perfect day to visit, the sun was shining and the weather was just beautiful. When we arrived we were handed the BRICKOSAURS spotters guide and off we went to try and find them! The BRICKOSAURS are found at a variety of points across the zoo near to many of the animal enclosures. Oliver loved spotting all of the brick dinosaurs as well as the animals around the park.

By Marwell Hall there was the BRICKOSAURS Basecamp which is a marquee that hosts a few different activities, there were photo opportunities, brick pits and the BRICKOSHOP. We didn’t actually venture inside as by the time we had reached it Oliver was pretty tired and we knew that if we went in we would never make it out again! But it looked amazing fun from the outside.

Each BRICKOSAUR had a little sign by them which told you more information about the dinosaur, how many people it took to build, how many bricks, how long etc. which would definitely be interesting for older children.

The BRICKOSAURS definitely held Oliver’s interest, which for a 3 year old, it’s hard to achieve! He was constantly looking for the next one! I would highly recommend checking the BRICKOSAUR event out this summer if you have a little one who loves dinosaurs, LEGO or both!

We all had such a wonderful day out at Marwell Zoo, it’s somewhere I remember visiting as a child myself so it’s so nice to make memories there with my own children. Thank you to Marwell Zoo for inviting us along, Oliver had the best day!

We were kindly invited to Marwell in exchange for this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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