Little Street Frimley

Little Street Frimley

If you’ve read my blog before, you might remember that we visited Little Street West Byfleet a few months back.  We live pretty much equi-distance between West Byfleet and Frimley, so when the team at Little Street Frimley invited us along to try out the refurbished play centre at a blogger preview session, I couldn’t say no!

Little Street Frimley is the flagship role play centre within their growing chain.  It is situated at Frimley train station and there’s parking available at the station for only £1 a day.  They run 4 play sessions a day and you can book online.  They say it’s always best to book online, or at least check online before you leave as their sessions are very popular and can get booked up!  They’re very reasonably priced and they also offer an annual pass.

There are 7 areas, a beauty parlour, cafe, construction site, vets, air ambulance/fire station and a theatre.  Oliver particularly like the air ambulance, fire trucks and the vets!  He loves any ride on toys, so the ride on fire trucks and bikes were great fun for him!

Like the other branch in West Byfleet, there’s a supermarket, which has lots of ‘real’ products (which are empty bottles) alongside the pretend fruit/veg/bread.  I love this touch as it adds a touch of reality to their play.  There are miniature trolleys (with baby seats for their doll) and baskets so they can do a supermarket sweep!

The air ambulance is the centre piece at Little Street.  I believe that they previously had a fire engine, but I must admit, I think an air ambulance is a little bit cooler!  All the children there seemed to love climbing on board, and pretending to fly it.  They had all the accessories to go along with it, making their play so much more fun!

Another new feature is also the vets.  Oliver loved this bit.  He loves animals, cupboards and he likes putting things back, so the little kennels for the animals were great fun for him!  He also enjoyed the reception desk area, where he climbed up on the chair and pretended to use the computer!

All in all we had such a great time at Little Street Frimley.  I would recommend it to anybody with a little one who enjoys toddling about and exploring.  It’s worth the trip if you live a little further away.  There’s so much to do, they won’t want to leave!

  1. If you want to visit you can book here!
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