What to Pack for a Toddler for a Trip Away

I am a serial over packer.  I have always been the type of person who takes a whole suitcase for just a couple of nights away.  Often, before Oliver came along, when we travelled to Stu’s mums in Wales, we would have a car load of luggage.  Although the weather in Wales is pretty unpredictable, I never needed half the stuff I took.

Since Oliver has arrived I have managed to streamline my personal packing down, but my list for him is ever growing.  As a toddler he needs so much stuff.  A handful of toys to entertain him, plenty of clothes (as he inevitably will get grubby at some point in the day), snacks, nappies, the list goes on.  Over the past few trips we have made I have managed to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we bring.  Even though there is still a lot, I have learnt what we do and don’t need to take for a trip in the UK.


For a 5 day trip I take about 8 outfits, mainly because we are going on trips where we are staying on a farm, by a stream and Oliver isn’t great on uneven ground.  So most days he has fallen in the mud or gotten wet in the water.  I take 5 sets of pyjamas, one just in case .  Even though we have never had to use the spare, the one time we don’t take it I’m sure we will need it!  I also packed one pair of shoes and his wellies, an all in one waterproof suit and a pac-a-mac.  Obviously if you’re going somewhere dry and warm, you don’t need to pack as many!


We have taken 2 of Oliver’s favourite toys that are little and then a couple of trains and cars to keep him busy.  We have also taken 6 or so books, only because Oliver likes to be read about 6 books at bedtime!! Realistically we could reduce the amount of toys to just a couple altogether because he just plays with things like plastic tubs and boxes most of the time!

Wash Bits

I bought a small pack of nappies to take with us and a pack of wipes.  Oliver only has a couple of changes a day so this was plenty to get us through the trip.  If the local supermarket was nearby I would have probably just bought them when I was here, but it’s about a 30+ minute journey there, so it’s easier to bring your own.  I also bought the travel sized versions of the Childs Farm products we usually use which have lasted us 4 trips now with plenty left to go.  You could also just use those travel sized empty bottles and put your usual bath products in there.


We always look at whether we will need to the pushchair or not.  This time round we chose to bring the pushchair because we were stopping off in Bath and we knew we would need it there, but usually we come without it.  The baby carrier we have will usually suffice, as we do a lot of off road walking here.  Even if it wasn’t off road we would still consider the carrier to save space in the car.  Another invaluable item we packed was the back pack reins we got from Kiddies Kingdom, it meant when we were walking through the fields we could keep Oliver from running off, or catch him before he fell!


We are fortunate enough that there is a travel cot and highchair here so we don’t have to worry about bringing our own.  If we did need a highchair we would usually bring our booster/pop-up seat which is fairly compact. We do bring our own cups/plates/bowls and cutlery though.  We usually bring two bowls, one plate, two cups and two spoons/spork.  It’s always worth checking whether or not the accommodation has plastic tableware provided as this saves valuable packing space.


We brought some snacks from home, like the smoothie melts that Oliver adores because they were on offer in Waitrose, and I know there isn’t one nearby.  However, things like fruit pouches and rice cakes, we get on our way through at the Lidl which is just down the road.  If you know where you’re staying is nearby a supermarket you can take enough to keep you going for a day or so and then you can just get the rest when you arrive.






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A Day in Bath

This week Stu and I have a week off work.  Our only plan was to go and stay with Stu’s mum in Wales from Wednesday to Sunday.  As we live in Surrey, it’s quite a long drive to his mums home in the Brecon Beacons, usually taking us over 4 hours if not longer.  We’ve only been down with Oliver twice and both times he hasn’t really hacked the journey, even with a few stops he has just cried and cried because he’s so bored!  So this time we decided to stop somewhere for a few hours to help give him a change of scenery, and so we can explore somewhere new.

I actually went to Bath last year (with Oliver) on a hen weekend, but I didn’t manage to explore the whole city or see what I really wanted to.  It has also been somewhere Stu wanted to visit, so we agreed that it was a good halfway point to stop at.  The drive there was much nicer than the boring M4, as we drove through lots of quaint villages.

We arrived in Bath and parked at the Charlotte Street car park.  Even though this is their long stay car park, it is conveniently located for all of the city, especially the Royal Crescent which is just behind it.  We then walked into the city centre, which took about 5 minutes.  First stop was the Roman Bath’s.  I love historical places, they really fascinate me.  History was by far my favourite subject at school and. I love learning about all about times gone by.

We mooched around, looking at all the artefacts.  They provide baby carriers as you can’t take a buggy around.  Oliver loved being high up on my back, but kept trying to climb out!!  He loved looking in the water.  Just before the end of the tour we let him have a little bit of a run around.  There was a glass floor (so you could see the original roman stonework) and Oliver didn’t understand it at all.  We have never laughed so hard at him, he was in a downwards dog position reaching from the edge to the beam across the middle.  It was so funny!

After we had explored the bath’s we went on the hunt for somewhere to have lunch, we came across the Handmade Burger Co. where we had the most delicious burgers!  The only downside was that they didn’t have any high chairs, so Oliver was sat on our laps for his meal.

After this we went for a bit of walk around the shops and then headed up to the Royal Crescent.  This has been somewhere I have wanted to visited for so many years.  I think I first wanted to go when I first saw the movie ‘The Duchess’.  I love that the buildings are steeped in history.  We walked around, admiring the architecture, and how beautifully maintained they all are.  I think next time we visit Bath I would love to visit No.1 Royal Crescent.

We had such a lovely afternoon exploring Bath and I think it will definitely be somewhere we will be visiting again.  There seems to be so much to see and do!




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What does Daddy want this Father’s Day?

I always struggle when it comes to buying Stuart presents.  He never really wants anything, generally if he wants something he treats himself to it.  So I am always left wondering what else he needs or wants.  Now it isn’t just birthdays and Christmas I need to worry about, but father’s day too!  I know in a few years I won’t have to worry so much because Oliver will be able to help me choose, but at the moment, I’m pretty sure whatever Oliver points at, Stuart won’t want!

For the Travelling Dad

Lots of dads work away, whether it be travelling for a conference, meeting or training, they need a good washbag to keep their kit in.  This Ted Baker washbag from Amara* is really lovely, and very sophisticated for that travelling dad! It has a roomy main compartment and the bottom bit has an elasticated area to hold your travel sized bottles.  I think it’s a really nice gift and I am sure Stu will love using it when he goes away with work.

For the Car Lover Dad

If you know me personally you will know that Stuart spends most of his time doing something with cars!  Most weekends in the summer you will find him cleaning his car.  By cleaning, I don’t mean your average bucket of soap and water, no Stuart ‘gently caresses’ our car.  He has spent years researching car cleaning brands, finding products that are best for your paintwork.  His current love is Auto Finesse.  He loves their products, they all work really well, smell great and are brilliant quality.  So if the dad in your life loves his car, then why not treat them to some nice products or a voucher?

For the Art Loving Dad

These prints from Not On The High Street  are absolutely gorgeous and I love that they are limited edition, so you know that it’s not going to be popping up in everyone elses home!  I love buying prints and artwork, if only I had the wall space for all the beautiful prints that I see.

For the Dad who Loves a Personal Gift

Who doesn’t like looking at photos of their little ones?  The best gifts are often the ones that we make ourselves.  Last year for Stuart’s first father’s day I bought a 5 photo photo frame  because he told me he didn’t want me to spend much at all.  Each slot held a photo of Oliver holding a letter that I had bought in Hobbycraft and these letters spelt out the word ‘daddy’.  I thought it was a lovely idea and something that is quite easy to do on a budget.  My photos weren’t great but Oliver still looked damn cute in them!  This is a great gift for a dad who loves something homemade and personal.


*I received this item in return for inclusion in this gift guide, all words and comments are my own.  


Pink Pear Bear