Triumphant Tales #34

Welcome to week 34 of Triumphant Tales!

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Perhaps you have reviewed something for a company you’ve been wanting to work with for a while? Did you successfully have a night without baby stirring? Did your child successfully use the potty, or even more so… did you manage a whole day without thinking of wine o’clock?

Any successes; big or small, we want to hear about them!

I will be linking up two posts, Oliver at 20 months and Halloween Crafts: Pumpkin Stamping

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Oliver at 20 months

Another month has passed us by already.  Another month closer to that 2nd birthday, it’s crazy to think that in 4 months time you won’t be a one year old anymore.  This month has been a bit of a whirlwind.  We started off very busy with lots of days out, a holiday, but then we both got ill. So for 2 weeks adventures were off the books whilst I fought off two separate bugs.  Those 2 weeks you were an absolute star, which I am so thankful for.

At the start of the month we visited our wedding venue with you for the first time to celebrate our anniversary.  You loved running around the beautiful gardens, but were most intrigues with the pond, which you declared was the bath and instead you. must get in. Safe to say we didn’t let you and quickly hurried away from it!

We then went away on our first holiday as a family of three, to Centre Parcs Woburn Forest.  It was really nice to get away just the three of us.  You loved all the free running space and loved going swimming every day.  You were such a little daredevil and enjoyed all of the children’s water slides.  As soon as you came down you just kept telling us you wanted to do it again.  So as the great parents we are, we dutifully took it in turns to walk you back up to the top whilst the other one of us waited at the bottom to catch you!

On our way back we took a trip to Whipsnade to take you on your first trip to the zoo.  You LOVED it, and really loved pointing at all the animals.  The giraffes and Patagonian mara were your absolute favourites, you spent ages chasing the latter around!

This month you have become such a character, you can clearly let us know what you do and don’t want.  A nod or shake of the head answers most questions (you still have never said no, but will happily say yeah to most things).  Your speech is really coming along, you can say: mama, dada, bun, bath, back, down, banana, yeah, ‘tone (stone) and you happily mumble away incomprehensible words which are just so damn cute!

Your favourite foods are always fruits and vegetables.  You eat raspberries by the punnet (literally), and have finally started eating bananas and apples.  You don’t seem to be very keen to eat much at meal times, you have a little bit of each meal but would much rather have snacks in between.  Milk is one of your big loves at the moment, you probably drink at least a pint a day.  You have at the least a cup with breakfast and one or two at bedtime, and occasionally one in the middle of the day too.

I’m looking forward to the next month with you, I’m certain there will be plenty of autumn adventures and exciting times ahead of us!


Last week I decided to do a bit of seasonal arts and crafts with Oliver.  I must admit, I always have great intentions to do these things but I’m pretty bad in following through.  We do lots of drawing and colouring, but getting the paints out is always something I try and avoid because, well, mess!  The thing is, Oliver really loves paints, so when I get them out, he is always super eager to get going.  I always strip him down, because he always ends up with paint on him somewhere!

I thought as pumpkin season is upon us that I would make a pumpkin stamp.  To do this all you need is an apple and orange and green paints.  I just cut the apple in half and we painted the apple.  If you felt even more crafty you could cut out a design on the apple.  It’s so easy to do and Oliver really enjoyed stamping the apple on his paper.  So much so we went through a fair few pieces of paper!  He liked painting the colours on the apple, and on some of the other pages we were stamping on, he grabbed the paintbrush for some extra decoration!

We had great fun doing this and it is the perfect halloween craft for toddlers.  Oliver had such great fun, he even ended up with a pumpkin print on his tummy (who knows)!  And a good hand wash was definitely needed afterwards!

Have you tried this before?



Feeding those in need with Piccolo’s One for One campaign

I’m sure if you have a little one, you will have heard about Piccolo.  They are one of my favourite baby food brands.  Oliver absolutely adores their pouches, he happily (and very quickly!) swallows them down.  They introduce your child to big flavours and all their food is really healthy for your little one.  One of my favourite things about Piccolo is that they give back 10% of their profits to charity, which brings me on to why I’m here telling you about them.

This October Piccolo have introduced their ‘One for One’ campaign.  This means that for every Piccolo food pouch you buy until the end of the year, they will donate one directly to a food bank or children’s charity.  They have committed themselves to donating at least 100,000 pouches, which will help feed some of the nations children, who would have otherwise gone hungry this winter.

Cat Gazzoli, Founder of Piccolo, says: “At Piccolo, we have always been passionate about giving back, and that’s why we’re so proud to be launching our One for One campaign. Feeding babies can be stressful at the best of times, which is why we are determined to support those who really do need our help by donating a Piccolo pouch for every pouch bought. We think the work done by these charities is invaluable, so we want to support them however we can.”

You can pick up Piccolo pouches in Waitrose, Ocado, Asda, Morrisons and Boots, along with plenty of other independent retailers across the country.  

To celebrate the start of the One for One campaign I am offering one of you the opportunity to win a months supply of Piccolo pouches. Enter using the widget below, best of luck!

Months Supply of Piccolo Pouches





Thank you to my little boy

I’m sorry the past two weeks I have been a pants mummy. We haven’t been on adventures, we have barely even left the house.  If we have it has been a very brief trip.  The past two weeks you have been mostly educated by CBeebies and Paw Patrol with the occasional splash of Thomas and Friends.  Thank goodness for super daddy, wonderful granny and your fantastic childminder, who have given you that much needed time out.

The thing is mummy hasn’t been feeling too well.  Two bugs back to back have left me drained, I barely had the energy to lift myself out of bed, let alone run around after you.  The first bug left me energy depleted, I literally couldn’t lift you up onto our bed.  Thank god for daddy who was around to help keep you entertained, I don’t know what I would have done without him.

But you have truly been a star.  When I was being so sick, you happily sat in bed with me and watched your mindless cartoons whilst I felt nauseous at every smell and every taste.  You snuggled up to me and kept me company, keeping my spirits up when I otherwise felt awful.  You napped alongside me and did everything perfectly.  When you came back from the childminders you instantly ran in the house and came up to see me in bed, shouting ‘mama’ until you reached me.

You’ve been so good and caring, and for that I am thankful.  We must be doing something right to have such a kind loving little boy like you!  I promise now that I am feeling better, normal service will resume and we will have plenty of adventures to make up for the ones we missed!