Thank you to my little boy

Thank you to my little boy

I’m sorry the past two weeks I have been a pants mummy. We haven’t been on adventures, we have barely even left the house.  If we have it has been a very brief trip.  The past two weeks you have been mostly educated by CBeebies and Paw Patrol with the occasional splash of Thomas and Friends.  Thank goodness for super daddy, wonderful granny and your fantastic childminder, who have given you that much needed time out.

The thing is mummy hasn’t been feeling too well.  Two bugs back to back have left me drained, I barely had the energy to lift myself out of bed, let alone run around after you.  The first bug left me energy depleted, I literally couldn’t lift you up onto our bed.  Thank god for daddy who was around to help keep you entertained, I don’t know what I would have done without him.

But you have truly been a star.  When I was being so sick, you happily sat in bed with me and watched your mindless cartoons whilst I felt nauseous at every smell and every taste.  You snuggled up to me and kept me company, keeping my spirits up when I otherwise felt awful.  You napped alongside me and did everything perfectly.  When you came back from the childminders you instantly ran in the house and came up to see me in bed, shouting ‘mama’ until you reached me.

You’ve been so good and caring, and for that I am thankful.  We must be doing something right to have such a kind loving little boy like you!  I promise now that I am feeling better, normal service will resume and we will have plenty of adventures to make up for the ones we missed!


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