Car Seat Safety in the Winter 

Safety is my top priority when it comes to Oliver and I will do anything I can to keep him safe.  Obviously when we are travelling in the car, we make sure he’s all strapped into his car seat properly and his car seat is properly strapped/clipped in.  But one thing I have noticed as he has grown is how little people are aware of what is appropriate for a baby and small child to wear in a car seat.  I read up quite a lot about it when Oliver was small (as he was a winter baby), this is a good site to learn more about it.

Did you know that you should make sure you remove outer clothing before you place your child in their car seat?  A thick or puffy coat/snowsuit can add inches in extra space which then isn’t securely holding your child in their seat.  If you had an accident the coats would become compressed and there could end up being a lot of movement, which could mean your child could slip out from their harness.


In a snowsuit or coat your child may be at risk of overheating , as you most likely will have the heating on in your car on these chillier days and you will have it acclimatised to your temperature not your child’s.  If you’re worried about your baby or child getting cold you can always place a blanket over their lap (no higher than their armpits) to keep them snug in their seat.  There are cosy toes available on the market but you should always check that they have been tested with your car seat before buying.


Just remember to always check that you can fit two fingers between the car seat strap and your child.  If your child has a coat you are unsure whether it’s too thick to wear in the car, you can put them in the car seat with the coat on and  then without, if the gap is more than 2 fingers in when you put the harness on without the coat then it’s too big!

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What’s on my Christmas Wish List

Every year I ‘um’ and ‘ah’ as to what I want for Christmas, not many people buy for me anymore and when I do get asked I always struggle to come up with an idea.  So I thought I would make a wish list and then if I do get asked I can refer to this!  There’s never anything I really want, so these are just some ideas.

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Christmas Decorations

If you know me well, you know I love Emma Bridgewater and I collect the Pink Hearts range.  This year when they added the pink hearts miniature mug, teacup and jug to their decoration range I was so excited.  I love the fact that you can personalise them as well, they’re not too badly priced at £12.95 and then if you want it personalised it’s £1 a letter.

Emma Bridgewater Holly Wreath Old Bowl


Another one from Emma…I don’t have a problem…..(I definitely do!)  when I went on the factory tour earlier this year we got a sneak peek at the Holly Wreath range and I fell in love.  It’s the perfect autumn/winter range and I adore the colours.  I really like the Old Bowls, my mum has a few and they’re the perfect size.

Parent Apparel Gin & On It Tee


I’ve been lusting after this t-shirt for months, it would be perfect for a Friday night!  I love a comfy t-shirt and this definitely looks like it would be super comfortable!

Kitchen Aid Glass Bowl


This is a bit of an expensive one, but ever since I got my Kitchen Aid I have wanted a glass bowl for it.  Typically they did the offer for a free glass bowl with purchase just after my mum had bought me mine (it was our wedding present)!  One day I hope I can either buy it for myself (without feeling super guilty for spending almost £100 on a bowl) or someone very generously gifts it to me (I can dream!!).

Jack Wills Bromsgrove Backpack or Cath Kidston Peony Blossom Backpack

I really need a backpack, I use the baby carrier quite a lot and I find it difficult to carry the changing bag as its a cross body bag.  I love these two backpacks, I am stuck as to which one I like more!

Looking back, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of homeware that I want!!  Is there anything you really want for Christmas?

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Flying with a baby

This weekend I had my first experience of flying with a young baby.  At 9 months old, I was quite apprehensive of flying with Oliver, as he’s got to the stage where he doesn’t like to sit still for long and hates being confined.

On Thursday morning we flew from London Gatwick to Dublin,  our experience through the airport was great, we were called in to the family lane at security which made it so much quicker going through as there was no queue at all.  I kept Oliver in his Ergobaby carrier through the airport as I didn’t want to have to faff about with a pushchair when we got to the aircraft.  I think it was a great move as the amount of people I saw with buggies getting stuck on the stairs and then having to empty the buggy out, fold it down whilst making sure their child didn’t run away!

Both there and back Oliver fell asleep on my lap before we even took off.  I think he was tired from the excitement of the airport (because obviously airports are so exciting for a 9 month old!)  On the way out Oliver woke up about half way through the flight, he then enjoyed standing on mine and my mums laps looking around at everyone else on the plane.  He spent a good ten minutes or so staring at the girl sat next to my mum, who wouldn’t look at him, he sat there shouting at her and she completely ignored him!!  He didn’t want me to put his lap belt back on for the landing, but with the help of In the Night Garden he stayed put for the descent.

We were delayed by almost an hour sat on the runway on the way home due to thick fog, Oliver hadn’t been very well whilst we were away and he was still feeling grotty and quite sleepy so he actually slept the whole time we were waiting to take off until about 10 minutes before we landed.  He didn’t even know we had been sat waiting for so long!  He was so dozy he didn’t even seem bothered when we landed.

It was a really great experience and I definitely wouldn’t think twice about going on a flight with Oliver again, he was really good and didn’t make a fuss at all. If you use a baby carrier, I would recommend using it for the airport as it makes everything ten times easier to navigate!

Have you had a good or bad experience with flying with a baby?

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My baby boy: you’re 9 months old

All I can say is WHAT?! Where on earth have the last 9 months gone, that’s three quarters of a year, this time in 3 months you’ll be a year old and barely a baby anymore.  Even thinking about that makes me sad.  This time 9 months ago we had a teeny tiny bundle, that bundle is now a crawling, climbing, ball of mischief!

Weaning and milk

We are still doing baby led weaning and you’re starting to really love eating. Before now you usually got frustrated after about 5 minutes at the table, but you will now sit there for ages finding all of the food you’ve dropped in your bib.  After a lot of tossed yoghurt spoons and yoghurt covered furniture, I have started feeding you yoghurts, this is the only food you’ll let anyone feed to you, and you often guide the spoon to your mouth anyway.  Although you will happily take any of my food off of my fork!  You’re still obsessed with cherry tomatoes, they’re definitely your favourite food.  You’re still breastfed about 4-5 times a day and 2-3 times a night, although I think you’re now starting to drop your daytime feeds.

Movement and speech

You are getting so quick at crawling, if you see something you want you’re there within seconds.  You love standing and will pull yourself up on everything and you love walking with your walker.  Just the other day we were out for coffee, you pulled yourself up on a chair and then used it as a makeshift walker and walked all the way across the building with it (I did have to stop you before you crashed into a nice couples table though!).  You REALLY love climbing the stairs, if I leave this stair gate open and you see it, you’re there in a flash and straight up the stairs.  You really are such a monkey! You’re speech is still just ‘dada’ and ‘baba’ you chatter away to yourself, it’s so cute.  We are working on ‘mama’ but all we have had is ‘maba’, maybe next month you’ll have finally said it! 

This month you are:

  • Weighing 9kg
  • Wearing 6-9/6-12 month clothing, the 9-12 month bits we have are all too long in the body!
  • Still cruising around the furniture
  • Climb over anything that’s in your way; me, daddy, granny, your baby friends, boxes, pretty much anything!
  • Love standing up
  • Hate getting in the car seat

You love:

  • In the Night Garden
  • Giving kisses
  • Anything that has wheels, it’s a serious obsession!
  • Playing runaway from mummy (when I run at him and Stu, and Stu then grabs him and runs away, Oliver thinks this is hilarious)
  • Grabbing daddy’s nipples! He doesn’t enjoy this so much and usually hides under the duvet!
  • Bath time
  • Pretending to drive the car, you love standing at the steering wheel and then lean down to get to the gear stick (you literally are your daddy’s mini me!)

Please stop growing up, I’m not ready to have an independent little baby!  We will have to start planning your first birthday soon…

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My Love of Baking

Some of my earliest memories are baking related, my mum was always baking when I grew up and my sister and I always got involved in one way or another (even if it was just licking the spoon/bowl!).  My granny had been a semi-pro baker/chef, she won various competitions during her lifetime and I think that’s where I inherited my passion for baking from.  Her banana bread recipe is one of my most loved bakes, every time I make it for the girls at work it only lasts about half an hour into the shift before it’s sliced open and demolished within the next hour or so!


We were always in the kitchen making something (even with a dodgy fringe!)

During my GCSE’s I did food tech, my final project was some sort of healthy traybake, I spent weeks upon weeks perfecting my traybake recipe and baking techniques.  Stu loved it because he always came to my house on a Wednesday night after I had food tech class, so he would spend his afternoon eating most of the cake!  I received a couple of marks below full marks for my project which I was so pleased with and I think it spurred me on to try different types of baking.  I think this is really where I started to learn to experiment with flavours and different bakes.

Over the years I have perfected my cupcake recipes, I adapted a recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery to make it my own, resulting in what have been described as ‘the lightest sponge I’ve ever had’.  I love trying new flavours in my cupcakes, my favourites so far are lady grey tea cupcakes, a combination of my two favourite things!  I often send Stuart to work with my most recent bakes and Stuart always comes back saying they were all gone by lunchtime and more are requested!

My biggest baking challenge/success was our wedding.  I decided that I didn’t want to pay someone to make a cake that just wouldn’t taste like mine, so why not make my own!  I did a cupcake tower, with vanilla, lady grey tea and lemon cupcakes.  I spent two days running up to the wedding baking and decorating, strangely I found this calming and didn’t get at all stressed out! The cutting cake I did order more M&S but I made a sugarcraft peony for the top which I was really proud of as I had never made one before.  The year after we got married my father in law was also getting married and his wife wanted me to make their wedding cupcakes, sadly as I was working the whole week before and I was super tired (as I was 6 months pregnant) I couldn’t do it, but I wish I had been able to.

Over the years I’ve also experimented with bigger cakes, making birthday cakes for family and friends.  A few years ago a contestant on the GBBO was making marshmallow fondant icing, I was intirgued as growing up I had hated icing on cakes so I thought this was a perfect change.  Even though it’s so time consuming and messy to make, it’s so worth it and undoubtedly the best icing you’ll ever taste!  I’ve learnt how to make macaroons this year and even though they’re very time consuming,they are worth it in the end for the delicious taste.  I always like finding a new thing to bake.

I think the thing I love most about baking is that I find it so relaxing,  it’s a time when I can just enjoy something I really love and also have a bit of a creative outlet.  The other best bit is obviously the testing once it’s all cooked!  I would love to be able to bake all day every day, but 1. I have a child who cries at me every time I start cooking or preparing anything because I’m not focusing my attention solely on him, and 2. I would be the size of a house if I did bake every day because quite frankly I would end up eating  it all, so it’s never going to happen! I suppose I can dream..

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