Oliver seems to be passing so many milestones so quickly nowadays.  It doesn’t seem that long since he started rolling, sitting up and this week he has hit a big one; crawling.  My baby is crawling.  I never thought he would be hitting this milestone already, and I’m not mentally (or physically) prepared for an on the move baby, but here we have it!

The past week he was getting up on his hands and knees more and more, rocking his bottom back and forth.  On Thursday we were visiting Stu’s grandmothers for our monthly meet up, Oliver was up on his hands and knees and his Granny said ‘he’ll be crawling this time next week’ I didn’t realise it would be the next day!!  On Friday morning I was getting ready and had walked across the landing, leaving Oliver sat just inside of our bedroom.  He was quickly up on his hands and knees, rocking his bottom as usual, but then he moved one hand forward and one leg.  He ended up lying back on the floor, but quickly picked himself back up.  Knowing how much he loves touching my phone, I put it down on the floor about half a metre away from him, and he suddenly started going!!  I kept moving it further away when he got close and he had a quick lie down every 3 or 4 crawls but he was soon across the landing!

Since then he hasn’t stopped, he’s crawling everywhere and I can’t leave him anywhere without him getting himself in a pickle.  Just this morning I was getting ready and thought Stu was watching him, Stu was looking at his phone thinking I was watching him and when he heard Oliver making a bit of a distressed noise, he turned to look at Oliver to see him half hanging off of the edge of the bed!! (That’ll teach him to stop assuming that I am watching Oliver!)

Oliver is also starting to pull himself up on things from a sitting position.  I just hope he doesn’t start walking too soon because he won’t be a baby anymore when he walks!  He’s such an active baby, he never stops moving around and constantly needs something to play with.

Dear Bear and Beany

My baby boy, you’re 6 months old!

Wow. I can’t believe it has already been half a year since our baby was born.  I can barely remember him as a tiny baby already, he seems to have always been the cheeky little boy I see every day. His personality is really shining now, everyone says his smile is just so cheeky! He is becoming more determined and he knows exactly what he wants, and when he wants it. He has these little flappy arms that come out if he wants something that you have, he just bangs his hands on his lap, with a look on his face that says ‘give it to me!’. 

This month he’s mastered sitting up, he can’t pull himself into a seated position yet, but if you place him sat down he will happily sit there and play with his toys.  He’s really starting to try to move now as well, when sat up he leans himself forward and gets himself on all fours and rocks back and forth. When he does try to actually move, he generally ends up flopping onto his tummy or goes headfirst into the floor! When he lies down on his tummy he now ends up doing what I call ‘the slug’ whereby he slides along the floor/bed/flat surface on his tummy, he looks so funny, but he moves so quickly! He can lap his cot in about 20 seconds, if not less!

We have now stopped using the bath support at bath times as Oliver can sit up and holds his head up for long periods of time. He’s really enjoying the opportunity to now have a really good splash about. He’s a bit sceptical of bath toys, I think he doesn’t like it when they float away when he reaches out to grab them! Tonight he finally didn’t cry at the bath toy, I switched from the fish that always makes him cry, to the car (I’m sure Stu will be happy with that!) so he is obviously going to take after his father!

We decided to take Oliver for his first swim this month and he really enjoyed himself. One of the nearby pools runs parent and baby sessions every weekend, it’s really cheap (in comparison to the usual rate) to get in as its only an hour long sessions. Oliver loved splashing about in the water, but wasn’t so keen about dunking his face in the water! He also had his first trip to the park and seemed to enjoy the swing for all of a minute when he then got bored and decided he would rather sit on the floor! It was lovely because Stu’s mum was down from Wales and we spent the afternoon with her, she hasn’t seen Oliver since he was a newborn as its a very long journey for her to come and Stu hasn’t had any leave for us to go and see her. It is a shame she lives so far away, I’m sure Oliver would love to see her more (and vice versa), we are planning on hopefully going to see her in October.

This month Oliver:

  • Can sit up (assisted)
  • Can pull himself up to kneeling from a sitting position
  • Is in a combination of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing 
  • Has done more poonamis than mummy cares to remember
  • Is 17lb 7oz
  • Has been exclusively breastfed
  • Has started baby-led weaning
  • Is starting to nap a bit better although only for short periods of time
  • Wakes between 2-4 times a night for a feed
  • Loves snuggles
  • Was baptised 
  • Giggles at funny things
  • Usually goes to bed at between 7-8
  • Has had eczema

His favourite things:

  • Pulling the bits of hair that really hurt
  • Putting his hands in your mouth/eyes/nose
  • His fisher price train 
  • Playing peekaboo
  • Sitting up
  • Rolling around everywhere
  • Sliding around his cot in circles 
  • Squeezing in the gap between the bed and the cot and pulling his bunnies out of there

A Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend this week, Oliver and I spent Saturday with my mum as Stuart was working.  We’re currently trying to save money, as being on maternity leave I don’t have a lot of money to play about with and my spending had got a bit out of hand, I was still living like I was on my full pay! So as I am trying to save, mum and I wanted to go on a cheap day out.  We decided on RHS Wisley gardens as we both have membership, and it’s pretty close by. 

We had such a lovely day there, the weather was beautiful, I even ended up catching the sun a bit.  Oliver really loves plants and flowers, he enjoys touching them (or pulling the flowers/leaves off!)  He was pretty good going around the gardens. He wanted out of his pram after about half an hour of us walking around, so I had to carry him for about 3/4 of an hour, he didn’t want feeding, but we could tell he was getting tired. He resisted for so long, and when I put him down in his pram and pushed him along the bumpy woodland trail he was asleep within about two minutes!  We had a good wander around the trial gardens and a look through the other gardens as we made our way over to have lunch. Obviously Oliver woke up as soon as we sat down to eat! We had a really nice afternoon, even if it was topped off by two poonamis on the way home!!

On Sunday, Stu and I decided we would go to Top Golf in the morning.  We really enjoy going but since Oliver was born we haven’t been very often, so thought we would treat ourselves! My sister and one of her friends came too, her friend hadn’t been before and definitely had beginners luck! Oliver was very good and seemed to enjoy watching as well. 

We thought we would do something outdoorsy in the afternoon as the sun was out, so we headed over to Virginia Water lake and had a nice long walk there.  It’s such a good place to go for a walk, the starting point is always a bit busy, but once you get going the people seem to thin out, I think most people are too lazy to do the full loop! It was really nice to do something as a family (plus my sister), we don’t often have days out together, we usually end up wasting most of our days off together mooching about and not doing much.

We had a really busy weekend in the end, but really enjoyed ourselves. I didn’t even have a rest on Monday, I went on a walk and picnic with a friend and a local sling group at Abinger Roughs. It’s the first organised baby related activity I have been to, but it was really nice.  I need to start doing more baby group stuff now Oliver is a bit older and can socialise a bit.  I always thought I would feel a bit silly taking him to baby groups when he didn’t do much! 

How were everybody else’s weekends? 


A morning modelling for JoJo Maman Bebe

Back in April we were asked to head up to the JoJo Maman Bebe HQ in London to take part in their Autumn/Winter catalogue shoot. When Oliver was about 5/6 weeks old I had been sat internet hopping on a Friday afternoon whilst I fed Oliver and when looking on JoJo’s site I discovered that you could apply to become a JoJo baby.  I submitted Oliver’s photos thinking he would never get chosen, but lo and behold on Monday morning I had an email back asking for Oliver to come up to the shoot in a few weeks time!


All ready to go in the car

It was a Monday morning and we had to be in Battersea at 9.30am, which is about an hours drive from us.  We set off at about 7.15am because I thought that Monday morning traffic going into London would be a nightmare. Oliver wasn’t too thrilled with the early wake up call!  I had considered getting the train, but taking a 2 month old baby on a commuter train wouldn’t have been worth the hassle! We arrived at the offices at about 9am and were warmly welcomed by the girls who were in charge of organising the shoot.  It was great fun and Oliver was asked to try about 5 different outfits on to be shot. He looked so adorable and I just sat there thinking ‘I will need to buy these all!’. There were two other babies who came at the same time as us, they looked so cute in their little outfits too, I think if money wasn’t object I would be purchasing every sleepsuit I saw that day!


Having a snooze

Oliver was so well behaved, after he had modelled a couple of outfits he started getting a bit grouchy, so I managed to get him to sleep. He was already dressed in one of the outfits when he fell asleep, and by some miracle I managed to lay him down on their bed and he didn’t stir, so they managed to get some snaps of him asleep. He looked so cute and they even used the photo on their website!

I’m not planning on entering Oliver into the professional baby modelling world, but this was a lovely thing to do as a one off.  We got sent all the photos from the shoot and a voucher as a payment for our time, which was very kind of them.  I’m very proud every time I go on their site and see his little face and it is lovely to have some professional photos of Oliver.  He was so worn out after sleeping all the way home Oliver fell asleep during a nappy change!

Worn out!

You can find Oliver at:

Blue Elephant Fair Isle Baby Hat

Blue Elephant Fair Isle Baby All-in-One

Petit Dinosaur Baby Sleepsuit

Foxley Wood Baby Sleepsuit





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