Bedtime routine at 7 months

Oliver is quite prone to nappy rash, from the early days he suffered with the occasional bout of nappy rash and we tried a few different products that we were given, some helped and some didn’t.  When I saw this opportunity to try out and review Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, I thought it would be great to see if this would work for Oliver!

Oliver loves his bedtime routine (just not the actual going to bed).  We usually take him up for a bath between 7-7:30 pm, we are currently using Child’s Farm bubble bath, which we are loving.  Oliver has had eczema in the past and was given Oilatum by our GP, when this ran out his skin had got much better and I was keen to find a product that we could use in his bath.  I read lots of good reviews about Child’s Farm and the fact they are formulated for sensitive and eczema prone skin is perfect for us.  Their products smell divine as well, I’ve even used it in my bath!

We let Oliver have a little splash about in the bath which he loves doing, he has learnt to splash his hands and scoop the water, so we all end up soaking by the time he gets out!  We wrap Oliver up in his towel, and have some nice cuddles whilst he dries off.  Next comes the most difficult part of bedtime, putting his nappy cream and nappy on!  I always try to apply a nappy cream at bedtime, as his overnight nappy is always very wet so we don’t want his bottom getting too sore.

After we have wrestled Oliver into his nappy and popped some nappy cream on (he will crawl off mid application nowadays meaning it takes a good 5 minutes to make sure it’s actually on) and then popped his PJ’s on, we either go downstairs for a little bit of a chilled out play downstairs (if he’s had a recent nap and still got energy to burn) or he has a bedtime story.  I do try to change the story but his favourite seems to be The Monkey Puzzle, I think he likes the bright illustrations.

Then the last step to bedtime is Oliver’s feed, as he’s still breastfed I either feed him lying on my bed and then transfer him into his cot or I just climb into his cot and feed him in there.  He now usually snuggles up to one of his Jellycat toys when he falls asleep which is so cute.

We really liked using Bepanthen nappy ointment to protect against nappy rash, it was really easy to apply and I didn’t feel like my fingers were coated in it, which I often find other ointments do.  I like that it is fragrance free and contains pro-vitamin B5 to help aid skins natural recovery as well as keeping it nice and moisturised.  We will definitely be adding it to our bedtime routine, more so now that Oliver’s started teething and his bottom is getting quite sore!

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Family is probably the most important thing in our lives, we are very lucky to have quite a large family, well on Stu’s side at least.  My immediate family only consists of mum and my sister, my dad left us 9 years ago and moved to Germany.  He went on to have another two daughters, sadly he and one of my half sisters were killed in a car crash in Germany almost 3 years ago, I never met her and I have only met my other half sister twice.  On the other hand Stuart has a very big family, he’s one of four, he has an identical twin brother, an older brother and an older sister (who is also married with two daughters). His parents got divorced when he was younger and have both remarried, so he has two sets of parents and along with them a few step siblings!

Since having Oliver we have really learnt the true value of family, you take your parents for granted until you have your own child.  I think we both realised how much our parents do for us, and how much they really love us.  When I look at Oliver my heart is bursting with love for him, I didn’t know what it meant to give unconditional love until I held him for the first time.  I would do anything and everything for him, and I know Stu would too.  My mum is over here most days and she loves seeing Oliver growing and developing, she says she loves him even more than she loves my sister and I!  Stu’s dad and his step-mum are great grandparents too, they dote on Oliver and I can see them having a great bond when he gets older.  Because Stu’s mum lives in Wales she sadly doesn’t see us as much she/we would like to, but the moments we do spend together are precious and extra special for her and us.  She really loves her grandchildren.  I’m sure when Oliver gets older we will do plenty of facetiming so he knows her just as well.

When I was growing up my grandparents both lived far from us, my grandpa in South West London and my dads parents on the outskirts of Nottingham.  We saw my dads parents once maybe twice a year, but my Grandpa we saw more often, maybe about four or five times a year.  I went on a few holidays with my granny and grandpa during my childhood and I was quite close to them, my Grandpa gave me away at our wedding before he passed away and my granny just adores Oliver.  Stuart’s grandparents mostly lived quite local to him (he had 3 sets!) and he has such a great bond with his granny and grandma because of it.  He moved in with his Granny for 6 months just before we moved in together and they got really close in this time, she’s a good friend to us, as well as a grandparent!  I think it’s so nice that Oliver will hopefully have very close relationships to all of his grandparents like his daddy, it’s so important to look out for the older generations.

It’s been so great seeing how our siblings rose to the challenge of becoming aunts and uncles.  My sister was so excited to become an aunt, when my mum told her Oliver had arrived early on a Saturday morning, she hopped in her car and drove back from university in Loughborough, just so she could be one of his first visitors.  She made the almost 3 hour trip nearly every weekend until she finished university, because she didn’t want to miss anything, and over the summer she was over visiting most days.  Now she is up in London doing a masters and is really missing him!  He’s very lucky to have such a loving auntie.  Stu’s brothers are great uncles too, they are both men who say they don’t want children (or at least not now), but it’s great to see how they care for Oliver.  His older brother is always the first to go in for a cuddle, and we try to see him as often as we can.  Stu’s twin is both of our best friend, so he spends a lot of time with us and Oliver, they will definitely have a very special relationship when Oliver gets older, he and Stu are determined to turn Oliver into a car enthusiast as soon as he starts walking and talking!

It’s so nice to have our families close by and for Oliver to grow up knowing his family well.  He will hopefully be really close to all of his grandparents, as well as his aunt and uncles, I hope he will be able to go to them when he doesn’t want to come to us.  Family is so important and I want him to grow up knowing that.  My best friends are my sister and my mum, Stuart’s is his twin brother, I hope Oliver grows up being close to his sibling/s (not that we are planning anymore quite yet)!

Family are always there for you, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, and they love unconditionally.  You only get one, so treasure it!

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My baby boy: you’re 7 months old

I feel like I’ve only just sat here and written your 5 and 6 month updates, but here I am again.  Time is passing us by too quickly, I’m over halfway through my maternity leave now and the thought of going back to work and leaving you makes me feel sad.  This month has been a big one for you, you’ve achieved so much.  We always knew you would be an active one and that you would be on the move early, so when you started crawling at 6 months and a week we weren’t too surprised.  We didn’t think you would be moving so far so quickly though!  You didn’t even start out stumbling, you were a confident little thing and all you did was take little breathers in you quest to get everywhere.  Nowadays I can barely keep track of you, you’re just everywhere! You hide around corners and will find all the things I hide from you!   Within days of learning to crawl you also mastered pulling yourself up on furniture.  You will now happily pull yourself up on virtually anything, daddy’s not too happy as his PlayStation had to be turned off at the wall because you kept using it as a pull up tool and I got told off because it was turned on and I hadn’t noticed!  You regularly enjoy pulling all of the remotes off the to stand, the PlayStation controllers no longer live in their dock, as you also mastered how to detach that from the plug, so I now have to live with them being flung across the living room floor.

You’re doing so well with weaning, you still only manage to swallow a very small amount but you’re getting there! We are yet to find a fruit or vegetable you don’t like, cucumbers by far your favourite and you just love to squash raspberries.  You also enjoy sucking things off of toast, you particularly like marmite and you enjoyed the peanut butter you had yesterday too!  We have only had one choking incident so far, you were sucking a piece of chicken and bit off quite a large lump, it gave daddy and mummy a bit of a scare, but after about a minute of inhaling and exhaling this piece of chicken you swallowed it down and then happily went on to have the custard you had for pudding.  Daddy was a bit scared to give you chicken again (he told me I wasn’t to give you any!) but two nights later we had chicken again and you were fine!

We’ve just started baby yoga classes, you seemed to really enjoy the session and it’s nice to see you socialising with other babies/trying to trample them/hug them. We went swimming again this month but you didn’t seem to enjoy it as much this time, I think your teeth (or lack of) were bothering you too much, you spent the whole time straight faced, no tears, no smiles, just an ‘I’m not bothered’ look! We will try again this month and hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself.

This month you are:

  • Sitting up unassisted
  • Crawling
  • Pulling yourself up on furniture
  • Taking a couple of steps with your walker
  • Playing independently
  • Pulling everything off of the TV stand
  • Wearing 6-9 month clothing
  • Breastfed
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Waking up 2/3 times a night for feeds
  • 18lb 6oz
  • Napping well at home but not so well when you are out!
  • Go to bed at around 8pm

Your favourite things:

  • Pulling hair
  • Your VTech walker
  • Tomy eggs
  • Playing peekaboo
  • Standing up in your cot
  • Books (reading/sucking/throwing)
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Climbing on anything (especially mummy, that’s the best one to climb on..)
  • The bins
  • Playing with all your toys
  • Cucumber
  • In the night garden
  • Screeching!

I really can’t believe how quickly you’re growing and developing, if you could just slow down a little though that would be great.  I feel like it’s all going too quickly and I just want to savour our time together!

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Our Anniversary

I can’t believe that this month we have already been married for 2 years.  This time 2 years ago, was the biggest and best day of our lives (up until that moment) and the day passed us by so quickly, I wish we could go back and live that day again, just you and me.  I would soak in every moment, everything; every glance, gaze, laugh smile, kiss, if I could live it again I would.  I can barely remember the look on your face now when I was walking down the aisle, but I can remember us both messing up our vows in exactly the same place (we were obviously meant to be!)

I love this photo of us

Grandpa kept treading on my dress!

Surrounded by our nearest and dearest

In the past 2 years our lives have changed so much, we have grown into ‘proper adults’.  We bought our first home, we have a mortgage now, I had a promotion to ward sister, you constantly worry about money and make spreadsheets of our finances, we went on our most amazing holiday – our honeymoon to Mexico, we bought an estate car, we’ve become parents, we have had a beautiful son, so we have to be responsible now!

We still have our childish ways, I catch you watching Pokemon on Netflix when I come home from a day out or when I’m upstairs putting Oliver to bed.  I still cuddle my Postman Pat teddy when I go to bed, even though I’m 25, and you hate him because he’s all scratchy!     You are still obsessed with your cars and I think your car cleaning habit has reached a new level of crazy in the past 2 years. I wouldn’t change it for the world though (as I do love having a clean car)!  My shopping ‘problem’ is getting better, even if you don’t think it is!

Christmas 2015, 2 months before the arrival of Oliver

Just over 18 months ago we planned, hoped and dreamed for a family.  We were very lucky and our wish came true very quickly, probably quicker than we planned when I fell pregnant straight away!  But this little baby was us turning our love into something even more special, a life.  This little life growing in my tummy helped my family through the sadness of losing my Grandpa, he gave us hope and something to look forward to.  That is why he has my Grandpa’s name as his middle name.  Grandpa would have loved to have met him, and I am so glad we were able to tell him we were having a baby before he passed away.

I could tell you were going to be a great father

It’s amazing to think this year we have spent a whole 10 years together. I would never have thought that that Stuart, who kept harassing me at school and made my best friend swap places with you in the school photo, just so you could stand next to me, would have been the man I married and started a family with.  You’re the boy who stood by me through my parents divorce, my nursing training, my dads sudden passing and offered me a shoulder to cry on, you know how I am feeling without words passing between us.  You’ve had hard times too, both your grandfathers passing away, having your dad move to France and your mum to Wales, and I have stood by you and supported you through these times.

About a month after we started dating!

You’re an amazing daddy, better than I could ever have imagined.  You dote on our little boy so much, you can see the love in your eyes everytime you look at him.  I love how excited you are to see him and hold him when you get in from a long day at work, and how he reciprocates your feelings.  I love that you can manage to get him to nap, when I have tried everything, how you take him downstairs in the mornings if he’s awake and I want a bit more sleep.  Your nappy disposing skills still need a bit of work (nappies go in the bin, not on the changing table!) but I suppose we can’t all be perfect! I love that you want to push the pram or wear him in the sling, you want to be involved in his life.  I love the way you’re always trying to better our lives together, and try your hardest to make our lives the best they can be.

Who knew how much your life can change in 2 years of marriage, but we still have a whole lifetime of life changing years ahead of us and we are just at the start of our journey together. I love you Stu.

(Now I need to come up with a suitable present, it’s cotton, and I’ve been told I’m not to spend much.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!)

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How life changes when you have a baby

It’s amazing how much a baby changes your life.  Until they’re here you don’t realise how much they turn your life upside down, you took the freedom you had pre-baby for granted and could never imagine how much one little person could change your life.

I remember the days pre-baby, I used to regularly lie in until 12/1pm on my days off, I didn’t know how people could get by on 5/6 hours a night.  When I was working shifts as a nurse I would be so tired on my days off from having only 6/7 hours sleep the night before work, I would need at least 10-12 hours to make up for it! Nowadays I exist on about 6-7 hours of broken sleep every night and sometimes even less depending on when Oliver decides to wake up!  I probably definitely am a lot more tired than I was before, the health visitors always said ‘nap when your baby naps’, this is great advice for when you have a husband on hand in the first 2 weeks who can do housework etc. But once he’s back at work it’s near on impossible!  Every time Oliver sleeps in the day I use that time to a) catch up on social media, b) try to do housework c) catch up on tv I’ve missed due to Oliver (i.e. The Bake Off) . There’s definitely no time for naps!
When I had no baby, I could at the drop of a hat go shopping or out for the day, with just my handbag and a purse full of money. It now involves meticulous planning. Have I got enough nappies, wipes, a muslin, a spare outfit, toys to entertain Oliver, the baby carrier?  I have to make sure  I am ready at least 15 minutes before I’m due to leave, because Oliver will 99% of the time do a poo as soon as he’s strapped into his car seat.  Said poo’s are not just your run of the mill poo, they’re poonami’s, meaning he nearly always requires an outfit change!  Undoubtedly Oliver will spend about 25% of the time we are out in his pram, he’s just not a pram lover. He hates that he can’t see everything that’s going on, he much prefers being carried, and after many trips where I have skilfully carried him on my hip whilst manoeuvring the pram, I have learnt that the baby carrier is a must have on any trip out!  Nowadays I spend more time window shopping, as maternity pay is nearly half what I was earning before, and about 5% of my free money goes on me but instead on all the adorable outfits I ‘need’ to buy for Oliver.
When you go out for a meal, you have to think about where is baby friendly, whether you can take the pram in, are there changing facilities?  Then you spend your whole meal thinking everyone else is thinking ‘stop that child crying/screaming/generally making a lot of noise’ even though they’re probably not bothered and are just looking at your baby thinking ‘aren’t they cute’.  I used to just walk in sit down and eat, savouring the tastes, having plenty of time to peruse the menu.  Now we spend ages choosing what to eat because we spend most of our time trying to entertain Oliver or stop him pulling everything off of the table whilst attempting to glance at the menu. Our meals are eaten in turns and generally at speed, so we can swap over who is watching/entertaining the baby.
However, even if I have learnt to eat scorching hot or cold meals, I have barely any money to spend on myself, I have never before existed on so little sleep and have to take a car load of things on a trip out, I wouldn’t change it for the world, to see that little cheeky smile every morning.  To have those beautiful eyes brighten up when they see me and to feel the warmth of you as I hold you.  You’re the biggest life changer, but the best I could wish for. I wouldn’t change you for the world Oliver ❤️

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