22 week pregnancy update

I can’t quite believe I am already 22 weeks pregnant!  This pregnancy is passing by me so quickly. I told myself when I feel pregnant I would make sure I wrote weekly updates on here to document everything.  But the last one I wrote was at 16 weeks and I’m pretty sure that is the only one I actually wrote, oops!  With the blur of Christmas I just didn’t find the time, so hopefully now it’s a new year and I feel motivated, I can actually try and write them weekly or if not bi-weekly!  To be honest, the earlier weeks weren’t particularly interesting!  Now I have an actual bump I feel like more is going on.  But anyway!

What’s been happening with me?

This week I have been feeling a bit more tired out.  By mid afternoon I feel ready for a snooze, and I am really struggling to get through the days at work!  My bump grows as the day goes on, but it’s much more pronounced now!  I start the day with a small bump and by the end of the day I feel enormous!  I am wearing a mix of maternity and my normal clothes, I can still just about squeeze myself in!  My uniform at work is just about bursting at the seams, so I think this will be my last week before I swap into my maternity dresses.

I’ve handed my MAT B1 certificate into work and confirmed my maternity leave, I’m looking forward to starting my leave in mid-March.  I have used my annual leave at the start so that I can leave at 32 weeks.  I wanted to have some quality time with Oliver before his little brother arrives, and I really struggled working until 36 weeks last time around so I knew I wanted to go earlier this time.

This week I have been getting some back pain, but I think this is partially due to our bed invader taking up space in my bed!  That and Oliver is starting to get quite heavy to pick up.  And when he insists on being carried around I am starting to struggle! Other than that I have started getting the odd leg cramp in the evening.  This is something I remember having in my previous pregnancy, and can only expect it to worsen over the next few weeks.

I’m craving fruit, salad and fruit juice at the moment.  I think apple and pear juice is my favourite at the moment, I just can’t get enough!  10The only thing is with salad is I want one that’s been prepared for me, with a nice dressing on it.  My salads just don’t cut the bill!

What’s happening with the baby?

Well, if you follow my social media or Youtube channel, you will know that we found out it is another little boy!  I’m so excited, although slightly nervous, Oliver keeps me very busy, so if this little boy is anything like his big brother, I’m going to have my hands full!  He kicks about plenty and I I’m starting to notice more of a pattern to his movements.  At both my private and NHS scans he was in breech position.  Obviously he has plenty of time to move about, but I can feel most of his movement lower down.  So he’s obviously staying in that position for now!

According to my pregnancy app, he’s the size of an aubergine and weighs almost a pound.  Baby’s skin is still all wrinkled, and a pinkish red colour (which is still slightly translucent.  His limbs are proportionate to his body but he is still very skinny.  His brain is also starting a period of rapid growth and development.

I just can’t believe we are over halfway there already.  9 weeks of work left (I have a week off in there as well!) I think we need to start getting prepared!  We have a list of bits to buy for our little boy (I LOVE baby shopping) and its my aim to buy a couple bits each month to help spread the cost.  I’ve bought him a couple of new sleep suits for when he arrives.  I just can’t wait to have that little bundle in my arms, and sniff that newborn smell!

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Having a Gender Scan at Window to the Womb Surrey

When I fell pregnant and we worked out the due date, we realised our 20 week scan would fall very close to Christmas.  I was 20 weeks on Christmas Eve, so we were really hoping the hospital would book us in for the week before Christmas, as seeing our little baby would be the perfect present!  Annoyingly, they didn’t book us in for our NHS scan until the 29th December.  So we knew straight away that we wanted a private scan to find out the gender before Christmas.

I had a look online, and there aren’t many places around where we live that offer private scans.  Most are really overpriced, and their booking processes seemed a bit complicated.  I then came across Window to the Womb.  They are based in Chessington, which is about 40 minutes away from our house, their website was very easy to navigate.  Their prices were very reasonable and their booking process was very user friendly.  They offer a range of different packages and scans.  We chose to book the Well Being & Gender Scan.  At £59 we thought it was very reasonable in price, compared with other companies in the area offering the same service.

When we arrived at the clinic we checked in and were asked to sit down and wait for them to call us through.  We were a little early, so we were expecting to wait for a bit.  So we were surprised to find we were called through very quickly to have our scan.  The room was very spacious with a chair beside the bed and a good sized sofa for any additional people your bring along.

The sonographer was very friendly when we went in.  She had an assistant who noted everything down from the scan for her, who was equally lovely.  We were asked at the start whether we were finding out the gender.  When we explained we would like to, but we wanted it written down so we could find out later, they were absolutely fine with this.  They made sure they put the result in a separate envelope.

We were shown the baby in both 2D and 4D and were able to hear its heartbeat.  It was really great as they had a really big screen so we could both easily see the baby on it.  When they went to check the gender, they asked us to both turn away so we didn’t see anything.

After the scan we were asked to wait whilst they loaded the pictures on to the computer.  Once they were ready and they had removed the ones which showed the gender, we were asked to have a look through and to pick 6 to have printed.  They printed them straight away and I was told if I downloaded their ‘bumpies’ app and put the code in that they gave me I would be able to access all of the pictures and save them to my phone.  They handed us two envelopes one with ‘Gender’ written on it for when we wanted to find out the gender and the other with the pictures inside that we had chosen.

We both really enjoyed our experience at Window to the Womb.  I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a private scan.  They were all very professional and we felt like the service was very personal.  We would definitely go back again!


Disney on Ice: A Passport to Adventure

Just before Christmas we were kindly invited to go and see Disney on Ice: A Passport to Adventure at the O2 in London.  As you can imagine, I was so excited!  As my husband was working I invited my sister along as a treat.  We are both big fans of Disney and couldn’t wait to take Oliver along for his first Disney experience.  If you’re looking to take your child along to one of the Disney on Ice shows, I would highly recommend, there were children of all ages and they all seemed to enjoy it!

The show is narrated by Mickey and the gang, who are off travelling the world.  They beautifully recreated the stories of The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and of course, Frozen.  What would a Disney show on ice be without Frozen, eh?!  I sat there mesmerised with the movements on the ice, everything was so fluid and beautiful.  Peter Pan and Wendy flying around above the ice added something even more magical to the show.

I was a bit apprehensive taking Oliver along, at 22 months old, his attention span is pretty short.  But he was absolutely captivated.  He did want to get down and run between my sister and I after about 10 minutes, but after a few minutes he was ready to watch again.  He even started clapping along at one point, which was adorable.  My sister and I sat there amazed at all the skaters moved, and both wishing we were figure skaters!!

The show was about 2 hours long and there was a 15 minutes interval.  The only problem we faced was that the O2 don’t let you bring ANY food or drink in.  So the snacks and drinks we brought with us to keep Oliver quiet had to be binned on arrival which was a huge pain.  There are plenty of food and drink stands within the venue, but they have the premium price tag and they aren’t really aimed at the under 5’s.  During the interval there are vendors coming around selling popcorn and ice slushies in themed cups/bags.  However they are very pricey so if you are thinking about buying anything like this then make sure you bring plenty of cash along.  There are plenty of souvenirs you can buy there, but again they have a premium price tag.  Thankfully Oliver isn’t old enough yet to start demanding them!

If you are thinking of going along to a Disney on Ice show, I highly recommend it.  The show is brilliant and great value for money.  It would make the perfect present for any Disney lover.  Passport to Adventure has sadly stopped touring now, however they have a brand new show ‘World of Enchantment’ which is starting touring this Spring in the UK.  You can buy tickets here.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to see Disney on Ice in return for a review.  All words and opinions are my own.


2018: My plans for the year

2017 was a year of changes for us.  Stuart changed jobs, meaning instead of working regular hours he was working different hours most days and working weekends and evenings.  I went back to work after maternity leave, which was a huge change for me and Oliver started his new childcare routine.  We’ve worked our way through it and worked out a new balance within our family.

2018 is going to be another year of changes.  One big change really, the impending arrival of our second child.  Come May Oliver will be a big brother and we will be parents to two little boys.  I’m so excited to see how the boys get on, but I’m also feeling a bit nervous.  Nervous how I will juggle two, and nervous how Oliver is with his new sibling.

This February Oliver is starting pre-school, the week after he turns 2!  I couldn’t quite believe it when they emailed to tell me he had a place from after the half term.  He is definitely ready for pre-school though.  Oliver loves spending time with other children and he loves learning new things so hopefully he really enjoys it.  He did really well at the settling in session and his childminder has said that when she has gone to drop off children there Oliver runs off and starts joining in the activities!

In March I finish work in preparation for my maternity leave.  I’m using my annual leave to go at 32 weeks so that I can spend as much time as I can with my little boy.  That and I really struggled last time round working until 36 weeks.  Working 11.5 hours a day, mostly on your feet isn’t much fun heavily pregnant!  Although Oliver will be in pre-school and at the childminders 3 days of the week, I’m hoping we can fit in a few days out and maybe even a short trip away.  Just spending time as the 2 (or 3) of us is so important.

Past May, we have no hard and fast plans.  I’m hoping we can take a trip away as a family of four.  I would love to go abroad, but my husband isn’t so keen.  Hopefully we can go somewhere within the UK or even a couple of mini breaks.  For the past couple of years we keep saying we will go on more mini breaks, and every year we get to the end of it and go ‘oh, that didn’t happen’!  We have some plans to do some work on the house, putting down new flooring in the living room.  Maybe we’ll re-do the bathroom if money allows as well (although I have a feeling that might be a job for 2019!).

This year I want to document more of our every day lives, the days out, the little moments.  I want to improve my photography.  I have a nice new Canon G7X (thank you to my husband!) and a really old DSLR, so between the two I can hopefully get some nice snaps.  At the moment I don’t really edit many of my photos, and I know that with a few little tweaks they would be much nicer.  So I am thinking of investing in Lightroom as well to edit them.  I want to be able to look back at the end of the year and see how far I’ve come, and how our lives have changed, and for my photography to have improved.

2018 for my blog

Blog wise, I have really been slacking the past few months.  When I went back to work I got in a routine, I posted on certain days and it was going well.  But then the summer came, I got out of the routine and then I fell pregnant.  I was ill for 2 weeks straight and I fell asleep on the sofa every evening, which is the time I would usually use to blog.  I have done the bare minimum to keep my blog going, posting once a week (and some weeks not even that!).  Most of these were reviews or sponsored work, rather than the personal posts I love writing.  I’m feeling a lot more motivated now and I have lots of ideas in the pipeline.  Come February when Oliver starts nursery I will also have a few hours 2 mornings a week to write, which is great.

My Youtube channel has been plodding along, but I have no regular upload schedule.  I am finding it hard to find the time to film.  I have all these ideas, but when Oliver refuses to nap, or when he sleeps when I’m out, I don’t have the time to film.  Generally I will only film when he’s napping or my husband is home to occupy his attention, so when he starts pre-school I should be able to film a bit more regularly!

Last year I was too focused on the numbers to begin with, how many followers I had on different platforms, how many views my blogs had had.  Instagram was doing well, but the changes in the algorithym meant that my steady growth stopped.  Now I seem to have sudden influxes of followers but my numbers will stay the same for weeks.  I have also changed the way I use Instagram, moving away from commenting on peoples photos because I have to, and liking and commenting on photos that I love or relate to me.  I don’t tend to look at my blog views anymore.  Occasionally I have a look and to be honest, I’m happy with what I see but I’m not so caught up on what does well.

Thank you to all of the readers and followers of Mummy Miller for sticking by me this year.  Hopefully 2018 will be a great year and you will join me for the big and little moments!  Happy New Year!

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