5 Things to do out of the house on a rainy day

I’m sure I’m not the only parent who gets a bit stir crazy if they don’t leave the house at least once in the day.  With the recent rubbish weather, I thought I would share some of the activities out of the house, that I like to do on the days it rains with Oliver.

Play outside

Oliver loves going out in the garden in the rain, as long as he wraps up warm and in his waterproofs I have no problem with him going outside in the rain.  Sometimes I feel he needs the fresh air to help blow out the cobwebs and when he’s in the garden he has a chance to have a good run around and use some of his bundles of energy!

Go for a walk

Oliver LOVES walking places at the moment, so when it rains, we pop on his coat or rainsuit and wellies and have a walk around the estate we live on.  He likes stamping in the puddles and finding sticks, and just being outside.  We also venture in to the woods if it’s not too muddy, and explore them too!

Go for a lunch date

We sometimes like to find a little cafe or somewhere in our local village that’s child friendly, where I can get Oliver some lunch whilst I enjoy a slice of cake.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot and Oliver loves eating out (so do I).  It gets us out the house for a little while!

Visit the local pet store

We love going to our local garden centre which has a huge animal selection.  Oliver likes running around all of the cages looking at the animals.  He especially loves the birds and fish!  I try to teach him the animals names, so far he has learnt to say fish (‘shh’), bird and bun (this was one word he already knew due to his bunny teddy!).

Soft Play or a Play Cafe

We recently visited out first play cafe, which was a great experience!  Oliver loves playing with other children, so going out and visiting somewhere with other children around always makes Oliver happy!  He loves soft play, being a wild boy, climbing and going crazy in a soft, padded environment is just what he needs!

What do you like to do on a rainy day?  Do you get out of the house or just stay in?


I’m sure my child’s secretly an animal..

More and more, I feel like Oliver has developed animal like traits.  He does things that remind me so much of certain animals!  I thought I would share with you the animals that Oliver resembles..

An Octopus

I’m sure you’ve all had it, you try and strap your child into their car seat or buggy and all those limbs start flailing.  I have it pretty much every time, but I’m sure that Oliver suddenly develops an extra few arms, I manage to hook one arm in and go to strap the other one in, but oh wait…he’s no wiggled out of the other side..I give up!

A Goat

I’m sure there must be some goat in him somewhere.  He climbs EVERYTHING, nothing is safe anymore.  Even the most precarious places, he will try to climb.  I tell him off, take him down from whatever ridiculous place he has climbed.  Yet five minutes later, I walk in to find him yet again standing on the dining table.  I GIVE UP!

Another goat trait he has is head butting or head ramming.  My little boy has permanently got a bruise on his forehead from where he insists on running up to things and banging his head into them.  The worst part about this is he likes to do it to his parents heads too, so we all end up with a sore head!

A Monkey

Well this one is probably the same with most toddlers!  The cheekiness is unreal, if I say no, I’m pretty sure that within 30 seconds he will be trying to do it again!!  He has this little cheeky grin on his face when he does something he knows he isn’t allowed to do.  He’s just such a little monkey!

A Sniffer Dog

Oliver can find food ANYWHERE!  I will have a cereal bar tucked into the depths of my work handbag, and Oliver disappears of and comes back with it in his hand!  He loves his food, and if I’ve snuck off to sneakily munch something ‘nice’ (i.e. chocolate) he will appear at the oppurtune moment meaning I have to share my goodies!

Does your child remind you of an animal? Let me know in the comments