Henry at 2 months

Henry at 2 months

Wow, where have those two months gone?  We only just came home with our little bundle of joy, and now you’re already two months old!  It’s funny how it can feel like no time at all, but like you’ve been with us forever.

You love to smile, you’ll smile at anyone and you have a cute little giggle that goes along with it.  I love it when you sit there smiling and cooing, it is just the cutest thing!  Nowadays you spend a lot less time asleep, you love to just sit in your bouncer and watch your brother playing.  Sometimes he tries to get you to join in and you end up covered in trains or cars!

You had your 8 week immunisations, and you were such a star when they put them in.  You let out a screech, but that was basically all you did.  You were back to your usually chirpy self for the rest of the day!  I couldn’t believe it as Oliver was such a grump after his!

Breastfeeding is going really well, you feed like a champ.  It is pretty obvious, as you are a real chunk.  I think that’s the one comment I get all of the time, but you really are a big baby.  You’re already in to 3-6 month clothing and size 3 nappies.  At 9 weeks old you weighed 15lb 8oz!  This means you’ve put on almost 7lbs since you were born.  You’re very much demand fed, I don’t tend to keep track of how long you go betweens feeds.  Sometimes it can be as little as half an hour, and other times you could go 3 hours.  You’ve taken a few bottles of expressed milk with no problems, as long as theres milk, you don’t seem to care about the vessel it comes in!!

Overnight you sleep really well, you have your last feed at around 10-11pm and go through to anytime between 4-5:30 before needing another one, which is great as I get a good stretch of sleep.  You still sleep in your bedside crib and in the day/evening you sleep downstairs wherever we are!

This month you’ve taken your first trip into London, been to several brand events we’ve been invited along to, visited the lavender fields, and done so much more!  You’ve endured the hot weather and not made too much fuss about the heat.

I’m really lucky that you are the most chilled out baby, you just don’t seem to be phased by anything.  You sleep, you don’t have any colic, you barely cry, you literally are the perfect baby!  I just wish your brother had been so easy!

Here’s to another month with my gorgeous redheaded bundle of joy!

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