Oliver at 16 months

Oliver at 16 months

Well this month has flown by (again) and I am here trying to remember exactly what we have done this month.  I feel it’s becoming harder as time goes on, months seem to merge in my mind and as you are getting bigger there are less distinct changes in you.  How are you 16 months old already?! Time is passing us by far too quickly, please stay little just a bit longer!


You’re suddenly obsessed with bread!  Some days your choosing bread over your favourite lunch snacks.  It does make it much easier when we’re out because I know you will eat a sandwich rather than having to have a bag full of finger food!  Now it’s warmed up your appetite seems to have dulled, but you’re drinking plenty.  Your milk intake has upped, you have a cup morning and night, sometimes even two at bedtime, you plug it down at story time!


You’re constantly running around like the wild child you are.  You’ve got some speed on you too, your favourite thing to do is run away from us, or getting us to chase you.  You’ve also nailed climbing, you can climb up on to the patio chairs and table, it’s a nightmare, but really cute when you sit up at the table on a big person chair!


Your speech has come on so well recently, you can get your point across and you can say a lot of words for a little person!  We’ve also noticed that you can respond to basic questions with yes and no.  You will nod or shake your head as well.  I’m trying to teach you to say up, because at the moment you say ‘back’ instead of up! You’re such a little clever clogs!!


You’re still strong willed and will kick up a fuss if you don’t want to do something.  But you’re still cheeky and happy with it.  You love making us laugh or laughing at us.  You crack us up when you get in our bed or sit on the sofa watching tv, you come over and then just slouch backwards leaning on whatever you can find!  You love giving kisses, but you’re always very fair and make sure everyone gets one!

What have we been up to?

We went down to see your granny in Wales for a few days which was really lovely, an you loved exploring!  We had a day out in Bath on the way down, which was really nice to do and break the journey up.  Earlier in the month we had a trip to Wisley where you got a chance to meet Upsy Daisy!  It was great fun and started to prepare you for when we go to In the Night Garden Live next month.

Most of the month we have been hanging out at home.  As the weather has been quite nice you’ve enjoyed playing in the garden, going up and down your slide and smelling the flowers!  I’ve enjoyed having a chilled out month, as I’m sure over the summer we will be having plenty of days out.


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