Henry at 3 months old

Henry at 3 months old

Another month has passed us and Henry is just getting cuter by the day!  3 months old, where did that quarter of a year go?

You are still a little chunk.  When I last had you weighed at around 10 weeks you were 16lb 6oz.  You had put on almost a whole pound in a week and a half!  Breastfeeding is still going well, although I need to start committing myself to trying to express and try you more often with a bottle.  This is something I never did with Oliver and I wish I had as we couldn’t leave him for any time at all.

I’ve just had to remove the newborn insert from your car seat, as it was a squeeze to get you in there.  I measured you and you were over 60cm so you probably should have been out of it for a while, oops!  You seem to be quite a lot longer than Oliver ever was.  A lot of your 3-6 month sleep suits seem almost too short in the leg and I can honestly see you going into 6-9 month sleep suits by September if you continue to grow like you are!

You love to smile and coo at us.  Evenings are when we have the most ‘chat’ time as it’s the only time we have without your big brother interrupting.  You spend the evenings either snoozing or chatting in my arms.

You will take a dummy, but at the moment your favourite thing to suck on is your hands.  We desperately try and stop you, as we don’t want a thumb sucker!  But you often push your dummy out in favour of your hand.

Bath time is one of your favourite times of the day, you always smile through your bath.  Sometimes you share one with Oliver if he lets you, but most the time you just have a bath alone.  When you have a bath with Oliver you spend the time smiling at him, even when he pours water all over your face.  You must really love him!

You also had your first hospital admission this month. A week after your 8 week immunisations you came up with a non blanching rash.  I would have probably have kept you at home because you were completely fine otherwise but my mum and sister panicked and told me to take you in!  Because it was the evening they told us to stay overnight to monitor it and they needed to take some blood tests.  I couldn’t believe what a star you were when they put the cannula in your tiny hand.  So brave!  Thankfully they think it was just a delayed side effect or some sort of virus, so sent us home the next morning!

We can’t wait to spend another month with you my beautiful boy!

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