Getting some sleep with Mummy Loves Organics

Getting some sleep with Mummy Loves Organics

Sleep.  It’s something all of us parents long after isn’t it?  Oliver has never been a good sleeper, other than when he was a newborn, he hasn’t ever slept through regularly.  2 years down the line and we are definitely starting to feel it.  With another on the way ready to steal our sleep again we’re on the look for something just to help Oliver sleep better.

When Mummy Loves Organics got in contact and asked us whether we fancied trying their Sleepy Feet oil it was a big yes please from me!  I had only heard and read good things about Sleepy Feet I thought it was definitely worth a go.  If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a great organic foot oil which has been developed for babies and children.  It’s made to help them get to sleep and stay asleep as well as also preventing night terrors.  It’s made using Mandarin, Frankincense, English Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils (as well as a touch of magic, of course!).  It smells absolutely divine, a really relaxing scent that I’m sure really helps little ones nod off.

On the first night we received it we applied it to the soles of Oliver’s feet and gave it a good massage in (he thought this was great fun as he has very ticklish feet!).  It can also be applied to the temples or behind the ears, but we have yet to try these methods.  We went on as normal with our bedtime routine.  Adding this little foot massage definitely helped wind him down a little more.

Throughout the past 3 weeks we’ve been using it most nights.  I must say, the nights I’ve forgotten to put the oil on I’ve realised it because Oliver is awake a lot earlier in the night.  Sometimes I have snuck in his room just before we have gone to bed to rub a little bit on!  He has slept through some nights but the length of his sleep has definitely improved.  We have gone from generally a 1-2am wake up call, to a 4-6am wake up call.  Once or twice he has gone through until 7am but you can’t have it all!  It also didn’t help that whilst we were giving it a go, we had the dreaded clock change which didn’t help matters at all!

The oil I have found has probably shortened the length of time we spend trying to get him to sleep.  Oliver’s always been very wired at bedtime.  No matter what we try he always has a big burst of energy and will take a long time to settle.  Since using the oil, he still has his energy burst but he seems to wind down a bit easier and quicker.

Would I recommend it?

The big question!  And my answer is a firm yes!!  I think that it has worked for us, of course it isn’t a miracle cure.  There’s no product in the world which will guarantee you and your child get a good nights sleep.  And there’s no overnight magic.  But this has definitely helped us get a better nights sleep!  We’ve only been using it for 3 weeks and we’ve seen a vast improvement in Oliver’s sleep in that time.  So I can only imagine that the longer we use it, the better it will work.

If you would like to give it a go, the Sleepy Feet oil is available here.  It’s suitable for any child over the age of 12 weeks, as well as adults!

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