Testing out Little Street West Byfleet

Testing out Little Street West Byfleet

I was so excited when I saw that Little Street were opening a new centre in West Byfleet.  If you’ve never heard of Little Street before, it’s a role play centre, which is basically a miniature version of your average street.  I was really eager to go and try it out.  Oliver is now at the age when he is much more observant of what’s around him and loves to explore new things.

Little Street isn’t like your average play centre.  It’s all centred around role play, helping your child to stretch their imagination!  They run four play sessions a day, 7 days a week. It’s encouraged that you to book onto the sessions.  If you don’t want to book, they say you should always check online whether the session you want is available.  This means the centre never becomes overcrowded, as they like to keep their number little.  They have time between each session so they can tidy it all up, so it’s all perfect for the next group of little people to enjoy!

There are a series of rooms based around the central ‘road’.  They feature a supermarket, doctors surgery, school, construction site and theatre.  The rooms are all very open, so you can keep an eye on your little ones from a distance, letting them play a bit more independently.  There’s also a police station, petrol station, a big wooden train, a post box and stables in the main play area.  So much to keep your child entertained for the hour and a half session.

The theatre was brilliant.  There was little stage area, a room full of dressing up clothes and a bundle of instruments.  Your child could act or sing to their hearts content!  I also loved the supermarket.  They have miniature trolleys and baskets for you to take around the shop.  All the products are empty containers of the big brands you see in your supermarket!  There’s even a mini checkout with a scanner and chip and pin device!  Such fun, and just the kind of thing I loved to do as a child.

Oliver’s favourite area by far was the road/track which is based in the centre of the area.  There are various ride on cars, and boy does my little boy love a car!  He also loved climbing aboard the wooden train and playing with the ‘coal’.  There were so many little touches that made it that bit more fun.  For example, the train had mini suitcases, a conductor t-shirt for your little one to dress up in.  You could even pick up a ticket for your journey too!

The centre is very well laid out, it’s very light and airy and you can see your child playing from pretty much every angle.  There’s a cafe area in the reception, you can buy yourself a cup of tea and sit down whilst your child runs about in the secure play room, having the time of their life!  What I liked most about the reception area is they have a little soft play pit, so if you have a smaller baby with you they can have a bit of fun too!  They also have toilets and a changing room in the reception area.  So if your little one needed changing or to go to the loo they won’t have to spend too long off the play floor.

Role play is such an important skill for your little one to have, and the design of Little Street has taken into account so many skill aspects.  Social, language, leadership and problem solving are just a few skills that can be developed here.   Simply put, they have made learning fun!

I was so impressed with what I saw there today, and I know for certain we will be going back there again.  The staff were all so friendly too, making the experience much more fun.  I could tell Oliver will certainly enjoy a bit of role play as the years go on!  It’s a 40 minute journey from my home but I wouldn’t think twice about doing it again.

Thank you so much Little Street for inviting us along to your pre-launch day, we had a blast.  I have no doubts that the West Byfleet centre will be just as successful as your other branches at Frimley and Maidstone!

If you want to see more, have a look at our vlog from the trip too!

Disclosure: We were invited to Little Street for free as part of their press pre opening.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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