Oliver at 14 months

Oliver at 14 months

How am I already writing this?!  I know I was late on the 13 month update (bad mummy) but how are you already 14 months old?!  Time is passing us far too quickly.  Slowly but surely you are becoming your own little person in many different ways.


You still have a brilliant appetite, barely a meal goes by when you don’t clear your plate.  Your favourite meals stay the same and you still love a good snack.  As strawberries have started to come back in season, you’ve really enjoyed adding them into your top foods.  Lunch is still a struggle, you just aren’t keen on it.  You seem to prefer having a plate of snacks, cocktail sausages, strawberries, blueberries and a bit of cheese, sometimes I will add in a blueberry wafer, or a couple of pom bears (if I feel like sharing!).


Well, you have taken a couple of steps independently.  But you don’t seem too keen to walk!  You are very happy to walk holding somebodies hand, but as soon as we let go you stop still.  Sometimes I can see you thinking about taking a step, but you usually freeze up and drop onto your hands and knees instead!  Climbing is certainly a skill you’ve mastered, you’re like a little mountain goat!


Dada, baba, ‘ar (car), bun, bub but NO MAMA!  The other day we were sat in the garden, I said where’s dada, you pointed at daddy, where’s mama, nothing, you just looked at me like I had spoken a foreign language!  I then asked where’s baba and you pointed at me…I am starting to thing you hear m’s as b’s!


You are really feisty.  If you want something you will do all you can to have it, and if you can’t, well we all know about it!  It is really nice to see how determined you are.  I think this month you have become much more of a daddy’s boy, although you do still love your mummy snuggles, when daddy is around you get so excited!

What have we been up to?

Well this month we haven’t done much that was noteworthy!  You have had a few play dates at soft play with your little buddies.  You love soft play, last time we went you even started to enjoy going down the big slide alone!  We have also visited the park with your little buddies as well.  You are all so cute together, and it’s so sweet now you all really recognise one another.

It was also Mother’s Day, we celebrated by going out for breakfast at one of the local pubs with Granny.  We then spent the rest of the day playing in the garden in the beautiful sunshine!   It has been lovely and sunny the past month, so I finally went out and invested in a new bike.  You have a little seat on the front and you seem to really enjoy whizzing about!

This month you had your first sleepover at granny’s.  Mummy and daddy went out with some of our friends for dinner and a game at TopGolf.  Granny was going to just babysit you, but we decided as you had fallen asleep then we may as well leave you with her!  Mummy and daddy enjoyed a lovely long lie in, if only we got that every Sunday!

Feeling poorly

This month saw you have your first ear infection.  I got home from work and picked you up from granny’s.  She said you had been off your food all day and very grouchy and hot.  Your temperature was 38.2c after calpol, so I called 111 and they asked us to go and see the out of hours GP.  When we got there he wasn’t sure what was wrong but said you were definitely not well at all so sent us to the children’s ward.

It was quite an experience, you chirped right up in the new environment.  The nurses wanted a urine sample from you so we ended up chasing you around the room with a little cup, attempting to catch any wee, whilst you were butt naked!  Nevertheless you never produced that sample, and when the doctor got there he declared it was an ear infection and sent us home with antibiotics.

So there we have it, your 14 month update!  I know this next month will go so quickly again, before I know it you will be a walking talking toddler!

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  1. April 23, 2017 / 6:16 pm

    I remember 14 months being such a lovely age! Well done on that first sleepover, such a big milestone. My son kept me waiting forever to say Mama – eventually he started saying ‘bebe’ which I realised he meant Mummy! It went through various transitions before finally becoming Mummy (which I now hear pretty much every second of the day!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…Getting Through the Newborn Days with my Favourite TV Box SetsMy Profile

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