Snow: The Ordinary Moments

Snow: The Ordinary Moments

As I am sure you are all aware, we had snow last week!!  Living in Surrey, this isn’t something we get often, it’s usually just a sprinkle and never enough to do anything with.  So when the weather reports all told us we were set for some snow I started to get excited.  I LOVE the snow.  I get excited like a child, so I couldn’t wait for Oliver to experience it too. 

We got our first shower of snow on Monday.  Although it didn’t settle very well, the woodland we walk through to get to Oliver’s pre-school had a good covering.  I couldn’t resist getting some cute snaps of Oliver walking through.  He loved it and he loved listening for the crunch underfoot.

It snowed a few more times through the week but the biggest snowfall came on Thursday and Friday.  Friday it really came down.  Just as Oliver went down for his nap the snow started falling and by the time he woke up it was completely white outside.  He just stood there shouting ‘no, no!’ (because he isn’t able to say his s’s yet, not because he didn’t want to go out in it!).  We wrapped up and braced the winds to enjoy a bit of sledging and trampling through the snow.

Once I convinced Oliver to sit on the sledge, he wouldn’t get off! Luckily the estate we live on has quite a few hilly bits so there were plenty of opportunities to slide down the hills and he loved it!  He fell off once, and he just lay there in the snow looking at me, like ‘this is freezing!’ but he quickly hopped back on the sledge, brushed the snow off and kept going.

By the time we woke up on Saturday morning the sun was shining and the snow was melting pretty quickly.  I took Oliver out on a quick walk around before the snow disappeared entirely and he loved the sludge that was forming and jumping in the puddles.

I’m so pleased Oliver got to experience a good snowfall at an age he could actually enjoy it!  Thank you Beast from the East or Storm Emma, whichever name you want to refer to!

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