Review & Giveaway: bakerdays letterbox cake

On Monday it was Oliver’s first birthday.  He had a proper birthday cake at his party but obviously I wanted a little one for the actual day.  I was so pleased when bakerdays got in contact with me, it was the perfect opportunity to review their cake!

“bakerdays is a Personalised Celebration Cake Specialist, providing quality personalised cakes for all occasions. The delicious range of recipes and sizes are available for delivery 6 days a week, and if you order before 2pm, bakerdays can deliver the very next day! The Letterbox cake is the baby of the bakerdays family. Being just 5” in diameter, it fits perfectly through the Letterbox allowing you to surprise anyone with the most delicious personalised gift.”

They make a good variety of sponges, vanilla, chocolate chip. red velvet, fruit cake, gluten wheat free and dairy free, so they cater for most people.  It arrived very quickly, annoyingly the postman rang the doorbell so I didn’t get to test whether or not it would fit through the letterbox, but it looked like it should!  I loved that it isn’t just a cake, there’s a card, balloons, candles and a hooter.  The tin is really sweet that it arrives in, as well, it would be perfect for a baked gift!

 The Cake

How sweet is it?  I picked the animal design and I love that you can upload a photo onto it.  They have cakes for every occasion you could think of, birthdays, anniversary’s, valentines, hen parties, baby shower, thank yous.  Basically if you think of an occasion I am pretty sure they would cater for it!  I even found an instagram cake on there!  They don’t just make letterbox cakes, they do 7, 9 and 12 inch cakes as well, the largest caters for up to 55 portions.  I think the letterbox cake would make a great gift to a friend or relative if they don’t live close by.

How was it?

It was perfectly soft, even though we had it for a couple of days before we actually used it.  It’s only one layer of cake, so there’s no buttercream.  I was worried that it might not be as nice without a filling, but it was just as delicious.  I’m not usually a fan of icing, but this was the perfect amount and not too sweet so I happily devoured it!  Oliver also agreed it tasted great!  The cake was gone within the day, so it definitely has the Miller household approval.

So where can you find bakerdays?

bakerdays can be found on facebook and twitter, as well as on their site  The site is super easy to navigate and the only problem I would have was deciding which design to choose!


bakerdays have kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win their very own letterbox cake!  The competition is open from 15/02/17 12pm to 01/03/17 11:59pm. UK entrants only. The cake will be provided directly from bakerdays. I will contact the winner on 02/03/17.

Click below to enter!

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Disclaimer: I was sent the cake in return for an honest review, all opinions and comments are my own.
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My Baby Boy: Happy 1st Birthday

So today is the big first birthday, the big 1.  How has it been a year already?  I just brought my tiny baby home from the hospital and now you’re a moving, chatting little boy.  I feel like you’ve suddenly become a proper little person overnight.  It feels like moments ago that we first met, I remember us meeting like it was yesterday. Now you’re almost a toddler!

You arrived sooner than expected, I was in it for the long haul, fully expecting to go two weeks overdue.  You had other plans, the little wriggler you were wanted out, and so you arrived 3 days early.  I still remember the labour, not the pain, but the moment they told me you weren’t coming out on your own.  I had told them there was no way I could push you out and I was so right!  You had little forceps marks for a good few weeks.  We called you our little spoon face.

Those first few weeks were a dream, despite the lack of sleep we were finally a family, something we had wanted for a long time.  You were so alert, you always had your eyes open and loved looking at everything around you.  Breastfeeding was hard at first, how couldn’t it be?  But we persevered and I am so proud to have fed you to a year.  I am/was planning on stopping but I think you have other ideas.  You are not taking kindly to me trying to stop, screaming until you get mummy’s milk!

It’s mad to think you were once this little baby who lay still, who didn’t move around, chat, or laugh.  Once upon a time I could go to the loo without you insisting on watching or trying to put your toys down the loo too!  Those were the days…!  Nowadays you’re everywhere (you shouldn’t be) and getting into constant mischief.

I couldn’t want a cheekier little boy in my life.  We’ve had some great times in the past year, days out, trips away and just days at home.  This year you’ve made some little friends, and it’s so sweet watching you all play together.  It’s funny when you all get together, all wanting to play with the same toys, or snatching each others dummies out of each others mouths!  You keep me on my toes, you don’t stop and sit still, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep it’s go go go!

Your sleep is still poor.  You wake up once (or twice if you’re feeling mean) a night, every night.  Quite frankly I’m amazed I’m still functional!  Who knows when you will finally get the whole sleeping through the night thing.  I had hoped you would have got it by your first birthday, so I can only hope it’s soon!  Daddy’s tried comforting you in the night, but you won’t settle back to sleep until I feed you.  I’m sure you don’t really need that feed in the night, you eat so much in the day time!

Your loves as you turn one

  1. Daddy – gosh you do adore him, he’s been away with work the past month and you missed him so much.When he got home on a Friday night you were SO excited to see him.
  2. Mummy – well of course you love me too! The past few days you’ve become really mummy-ish, reaching out for me when you’re in other peoples arms and generally not wanting to be more than a few metres away!
  3. Granny and Auntie Alice – They are two people guaranteed to light up your eyes, you get so excited when you see them!
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine – a typical boy, you love the theme song and love the toy Percy train Granny bought you.
  5. Food – suddenly you are eating anything and everything.  If you could snack all day I’m sure you would.
  6. Opening and closing doors – but now granny and mummy have been super sneaky and put these silly locks on all of the cupboards so you can’t get in.  Party poopers!
  7. Soft play – oh yes, we are very much in that realm.  It’s fun at the moment, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off (for me) at some point!
  8. Cars – anything with wheels and you’re happy.  You have all of your daddy’s toy cars from when he was little and your favourite thing to do is open the box get them all out and push them over the PlayStation and down the back of the TV stand!
  9. Climbing and walking – You still have yet to take your first steps (I was sure you would have by the time your birthday came along) but you love walking with your walker, you’ve mastered cornering with it now as well.   You will climb on pretty much anything you can, including on tables!

Happy 1st Birthday my little boy, I can’t wait to watch you throughout your lifetime, to see what you become.  You filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know was there.  I love you more and more every day, and I didn’t know I could ever love a little person so much.




















Getting ready to return to work after maternity leave

This month is my last full month of maternity leave, where has the past year gone?

I’m starting to feel really anxious as the date draws nearer.  Anxious mainly because to this point I have never left Oliver for an extended period of time.  I have left him for a few hours in the evening, knowing he was either already asleep or would be going to sleep, but never in the day.  (Since writing this for Meet Other Mums I have now spent an afternoon away from Oliver!)

It’s going to be strange, going back to work, spending a whole day away from him.  Probably not seeing him at all.

We are very lucky that in my job I am able to return part time, just two days a week, and these are set days.  This means we knew which days we would need childcare for Oliver.  My mum very kindly volunteered to change her hours at work to help us out with our childcare.  So she’s able to look after Oliver one day a week, she’s so looking forward to spending that day with him.  This left us with one other day needing childcare.  I spent many evenings trawling through childcare sites and various different local nurseries websites.  We decided that we would prefer to send Oliver to a childminder over a nursery, feeling that he would thrive in a home from home environment.

The search for a childminder

One day I received a message from a local childminder asking whether she could help me in my search, as she had seen my profile on a childcare site.  I told her what I was looking for and she said that she had availability coming up in the new year.  She told me I was welcome to come and have a look around her home.

When I took Oliver to have a visit I knew instantly that it was the place for him.  He happily crawled off and started playing with the other children, barely paying attention to the fact I was still there.  He was so at ease with her and I just had the feeling he would enjoy himself there.  The  daily activities include the children spending time caring for animals and she works as part of a forest school.  This means there will be lots of opportunities for Oliver to spend outside, which is his favourite thing to do!

I’m glad that my childcare search was so easy as it was my biggest worry.  Now I just need to prepare myself for the two long days without my baby.  It will be strange at first but I’m sure I will soon get used to it.  Hopefully I will enjoy going back to work and treasure our time together even more.



This post first appeared on Meet Other Mums where I am a regular blogger, please go and check it out as there are some brilliant other blogs there!


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1st Birthday gift ideas

As Oliver’s 1st birthday looms ever closer (only a week to go now!) I’m trying to make sure I have got all of his presents sorted.  I can’t believe he’s already almost one, where did that year go?  I feel like I only just brought my little baby home from the hospital!

Since Christmas I have been putting much thought into what to give Oliver for his birthday.  I know it’s his 1st birthday but we don’t want to spend too much on him, as to be honest we will probably end up buying him new toys throughout the year as he grows out of what he already has.  It’s handy him having a post Christmas birthday as there are so many good deals around this time of year, which helps with not spending much!

Our main present for Oliver is the Kiddimoto Fire Engine ride-on.  It was an absolute bargain in Halfords, reduced from £59 to £20!  I spotted it when we were walking past and I just had to get it!  I love wooden toys, they just look so much nicer.  Funnily enough a few weeks after I bought it we popped over to a friends house and they had the exact same one, Oliver loved it, so I know he will love his own version.

I have seen this ELC steering wheel online and I think I may have to buy it for Oliver.  He is obsessed with steering wheels, in fact, he’s obsessed with any wheels (SUCH a boy).  He often gets bored and frustrated when we are out in the pushchair.  So this seems like a great solution to keep us all happy!

Oliver really loves his shape sorter at the moment.  I love this one from Melissa and Doug, I know he does have one already, but this one has lots more shapes and I think he would really enjoy playing with it.  He will happily sit and play with a shape sorter for a little while so it’s a got to be a great gift!

If Oliver is lucky enough to receive any money for his birthday, Stu and I have said we would like to get him a slide for the garden in the summer.  Oliver’s a little thrill seeker and I can imagine he will love it once he can walk!  I love the Little Tikes slide.  It says it’s easy to dismantle so hopefully it will fit nicely in the shed for winter as well.

What are your recommendations for a great first birthday present?






A Winters Walk and Lunch

Since Stuart has been away training Sunday to Friday for the past 3 weeks, our weekends have become very precious.  We have said we want to make sure we make plans and do something together.  Rather than what we usually end up doing, sitting at home doing nothing much!  Our first weekend we went to the driving range with Stu’s dad, uncle and brother.  Then we had a big family lunch with Stuart’s family on the Sunday.  The second weekend we went out for lunch and celebrated my birthday.  We decided this weekend to grab a spot of lunch in a nearby village and then go for a walk along the nearby Down’s Link.

The Milk Churn is a lovely farm cafe, they run a local farm and make a delicious cheese called Sussex Charmer.  It’s a cross between a cheddar and a parmesan and it is the main feature on the menu.  Stuart opted for the Charmer on Toast with red onions, which is the best cheese on toast.  I had the Charmer macaroni and shared it with Oliver.  It was really delicious, and very reasonably priced.

One of my goals for this year was to start a Youtube channel.  So I did a bit of filming of our little trip out.  Please like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it.